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Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 15-Bible verse

Uh... I've never read the bible.... skip!

Day 16-Dream house

Reality: I'm a very simple person. I love the older homes here in AZ. I don't like the new "cookie cutter" houses. They're too close together, no yard, and all look the same. I/WE would love an older home on some land. Ok, so HUSBAND would like an older home on land. I actually really love our house and our neighborhood.  If we only had the money to finish remodeling. A new kitchen is a must have. Mine is a super small, fugly, outdated galley and I HATE it. Also, our master bathroom needs to be gutted as well as the backyard, complete with a new pool deck, landscape the front yard, paint the exterior... okay so if we could win the lottery and do everything we needed to do to our house it'd be perfect for us.

A beach house. It's my unrealistic dream of living RIGHT on the boardwalk. Somewhere like San Diego. Keep dreaming.

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