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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Memorial Day Weekend

Wow! I started this post a while back and forgot about it. Geeze. I'm a bad blogger these days. I've been more consumed with reading vampire books, watching season 1 of Tru Blood on DVD, not to mention watching the New Moon Trailer over and over and over again..... I'm officially obsessed and officially a loser.

Anyway, We had a great, relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Friday I had a wedding to work, but afterwards we went for a quick trip to Sedona. Our favorite getaway spot here in AZ. It really is a "hidden gem".

We didn't get in until 9pm, checked in to the hotel and got settled. It was raining quite a bit, so we took the dogs out to potty then let them calm down for a bit. Once they looked like they were pooped from the ride up and were done being curious, we put them in their crates and went out to find some late dinner. Unfortunately, by this time it was about 10 till 10:00. We got to a restaurant, but they closed at 10:00, and even though it was 9:50, we didn't want to be that guy. You know, the one that shows up right before a restaurant is about to close, and keeps everyone there late. That's rude, IMO. So we searched for a short period of time for a restaurant that was open later, but came up empty handed. So we decided to just grab some pizza from Dominos and a couple 6 packs of beer and went back to the hotel. So Friday night was kind of a bust, since we got there late and it was raining.

Saturday morning we got up, and thankfully the rain let up, and the sun came out a bit. We went and got some breakfast then headed out to find a good hiking spot. We stopped at a tourist spot to get a "Red Rock Pass" (the pass you need to park and hike, basically), some good info on a non-touristy place to hike, and a map. We drove up passed Slide Rock about 5 miles, and found our spot. It was less of a hike, and more of a "brisk walk" as the tourist place lady called it.

So here we go with the pics...

Gizzy is my little adventure dog. He loves the outdoors and creeks especially! He jumps from rock to rock, splashes around in the creek and just has a good ol time.

This is when he found a deeper part and straight up jumped off that big rock into the creek. Too funny!

On our way back we found this tree that was COVERED in Lady Bugs. I have never seen anything like this before.

Lily isn't as impressed with the creek as Gizmo.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Two Items I've Wanted Really Bad

I finally got! A rug and a new chandelier! FINALLY! I've been dying for these two things since we moved in, especially the chandelier. I am so happy to get rid of that horrible 70's fixture that was there before. I feel like these spaces are almost complete now. We still need to remove the popcorn ceilings and replace the ceiling fan.


This weekend my sister and I finally got tattooed together. We've been wanting to do this for a while, but haven't gotten around to it. She originally wanted the chinese symbols for sister, and I wasn't feeling that, so I decided we'll do a sparrow, and she was ok with that. So, we had Husband's friend Justin do it for us. Husband recently did some work over at Justin's house, so instead of paying him with money, he's paying in him with tattoos.

It's not the best picture, since it's taken with my phone and also, it's hard to take a picture of your own wrist.

Anyway, Justin is an amazing artist and a really cool guy. He works at Golden Tooth Tattoo (link to Justin's myspace page), so if you're in need of a new tattoo, he'll hook you up.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lily Loves The Sprinklers

Miss Lily LOVES the sprinklers. Every morning when I go out and turn them on, this is what she does...

"Oh hey! What's that?!"

"NOM NOM NOM! Bite the water!"


"OMG Mommy! Did you see that?! These things came out of the ground and got me all wet! It was fun! Will you throw my toy in the middle of the yard? I like playing fetch in the sprinklers!"

...and repeat. This is a daily thing now. Oh and please ignore the status of my backyard. Husband has decided to tear it apart. His OCD is getting the best of him. He is removing the rock and brick. He also removed the tree. He absolutely hates the fact that grass grows through the rock and wants it all grass back here. Whatev.