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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not so weekly, update.

We had a little bit of a scare this weekend. Here I am hanging out with my friend, running errands etc, and I noticed my hand has been a bit tingley all day, but not much of a problem. Then we're walking through Target and I notice that my hand is feeling completely numb, so I say, "Wow, my hand feels really weird" and I look at it and it's like totally swollen and red and hard. And my friend was like, "Um.. that is NOT normal. You need to call the doctor." So we go sit down in their little cafe area and I call my doc. I felt completely fine other than my monster hand, and it was only the right hand. So he tells me to go into the ER to check for a blood clot.

I call Husband and tell him what's going on, and drive home to pick him up, then off to the hospital we go. Since I'm past 20 weeks ER won't see me so they send me to L&D Triage, which I'd prefer anyway to be honest. I go up and they admit me, and nurse comes in and asks me a bunch of questions. Did I get bit by something, etc. Of course by this time the swelling is starting to go down. They put the heartbeat monitor on and check on the baby and she's fine, they take my blood pressure which is fine, and I pee in a cup. You know, routine shit. Then they order an ultrasound on my arm, which we wait for for like an hour. Turns out everything is fine. They said probably just the walking around with my arm hanging down and swinging probably just swelled it up, and to make sure and watch it, drink lots of water, blah blah. Keep my arm elevated when walking around, and if it happens again sit down and keep it elevated and if the swelling doesn't go down come in again.

How far along? 23 weeks tomorrow

Total Weight Gain? Up 8lbs per my last doctor visit. Seems to be about a pound a week at this point, but i haven't weighed myself since.

Maternity Clothes? yep

Stretch Marks? 5 total on my lower belly that are getting bigger and darker.

Sleep? same as it's been.

Best Moment This Week? I don't know... nothing really new going on.

Movement? Lots. I'm trying to figure out her patterns but she's seems to do what she wants, when she wants.

Food Cravings? hmmm this week i was craving Sweet Tomatoes.

Gender? GIRL!!!!

Labor signs? no effing thank you!

Belly Button? Innie but getting pretty shallow. I wonder if it'll pop out.

What I Miss? Sex. It's just not the same. :( I hope it returns to normal after and my labido isn't shot for life.

What I Am Looking Forward To? Everything that's to come in the next four months, and I'll admit, I'm already getting anxious to meet our baby girl. :) Is it December yet? I'll tell you what I'm NOT looking forward to - swelling. My feet and hands are already swelling. Blech!

Weekly Wisdom? ......?

Milestones? um... nothing new. Same ol', which is why I only update this every two or three weeks.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Headbands: My First Tutorial

I made some baby headbands last weekend and thought I'd do a tutorial. They're super easy and came out pretty cute! Take it easy on me though. Like I said, it is my first tutorial.

Here's what you'll need:

- Panty hose. You can use childrens or adult. I used children because I wanted different colors and some had patterns. I thought that was cuter than the adults, because you can only find white and black in adults.

- flowers. Go to Michaels or Joannes and pick out any silk flowers you like.

- Hot glue gun.

- Iron

- Thread and needle for hand sewing. You don't really need your sewing machine for this.

- Bling for the middle of your flower.

- Ribbon

1. First start with your flower. Any kind you like. Here's a BIG one.

2. Take it apart. Start by removing it from the stem then removing the bottom part. Then (not pictured)take apart all the petals from each other, but keep them in order, until you get the top middle part of the flower removed.

3. Next you're going to glue your flower back together. You're going to hot glue each petal together. Just put a small amount of hot glue around the petal's center and put the next petal on top.

4. Once you have it all glued back together, put some bling, or a button, or anything you'd like to decorate the middle in. Go ahead and prep all your flowers. Have fun, decorate them with different colored jewels or like I said, regular buttons, decorative buttons, etc. Be creative.

5. Now on to the panty hose. For a newborn you'll want the measurements about 12 inches. From what I googled, 13 inches will fit up to a year. The panty hose stretch, so seems about right. If you already have a baby, measure her head.

You'll want to start by cutting your measurements, then ironing out all the wrinkles. Make sure you iron the hose on a LOW heating. Trust me. THey will melt. Go ahead and iron them all at one time and put them in a pile to get started.

6. Ok. Now that you have everything prepped, start by folding your panty hose in half and then sew the two ends together. Pull the thread so it scrunches it. That's what you're going for.

It should look like this when you're done.

Inside out

Right side out.

7. Glue ribbon round the sewed area. The best is if you use a silk ribbon. It will be the most comfortable for your baby's head. YOu'll end up with this:

7. Glue your flower onto the ribbon piece, and you'll end up with this!

Next. And this is very important. Make sure you test them out on your dogs.

Oh, and make sure you put the panty hose scraps on their bottoms to complete the outfit.

Just kidding. Here's a few pictures of all of the ones I made.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby stuff is overwhelming!

So every time I walk into a Babies R Us/Target Baby section/any other baby store I get so overwhelmed. I just don't even know what I'm looking at! And then I kinda just space out. Where I'm not really looking at anything anymore and everything's kind of a blur. So then I end up in the clothing section cause clothing is REALLY easy to buy. And then I end up leaving there spending too much money on baby clothes. I don't know which items are better, or what exactly I need... Help!

Here's what we have picked out so far when it comes to bigger items.

Fisher Price Lil Lamb Swing

Graco Travel System. I am still trying to decide if I want a full size or lightweight stroller. I kind of want both. Is that bad?

I bought this on clearance for like $16! It was originally like $65 or something. I don't really care for a huge bed set. First off, I can't find any I like. And secondly, it's too damn expensive. I like the brown polka dots, however, the sheets are not the right color, so I'll just buy a pink sheet separately. All i really cared about was the bumper, to be honest.

Play Pin thingy. Are these even really necessary?

We are getting a barely used bassinet free from a friend, and we haven't even decided on furniture yet. Oi.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bump or Chunk?

So here's my first "bump" picture. I'm a big fat fatty, and I feel that I'm carrying low, so I still just feel like people that don't know me look at me like, "is she pregnant? Or just fat?". I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow.

Sorry for the crapola camera phone picture. I think my computer is on it's death bed and it doesn't let me save anything to it these days.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Halfway There!!!

Well folks, we've reach the halfway mark! I'm 20 weeks today and so excited! Things are going great. I feel great, and can feel her move quite a bit! We had an ultrasound last week to finish the anatomy scan since she was not big enough to measure certain parts when we found out the sex at 17wks. The ultrasound itself sucked because of the annoying tech that was going on and on and on about how she hung out with her ex boyfriend that weekend like I give a shit. And one of the big machines were broken, so we had to use one of the old crappy ones in the exam room, so I couldn't even see Miss Cailin wiggling around. :( I did have her make sure she's still a girl though, and she showed me her little privates.

We're doing her bedroom in pink and brown. We're going to do a chair rail, and underneath the chair rail, the paint will be chocolate brown, and above the rail, we are doing soft pink stripes. The furniture will be white. I have a sample, which I need to upload that pic, but I'm thinking the darker pink is too bubble gummy, but i like the brown and light pink. We moved the office into the spare room, but that's another post.

How far along? 20 weeks!

Total Weight Gain? 6lbs total as of today.

Maternity Clothes? yep

Stretch Marks? Ugh. Three on my lower belly, and they're getting bigger on my thighs. :( Im going to be a mess after this. She totally worth it though!

Sleep? same as it's been.

Best Moment This Week? feeling all her movement.

Movement? Lots! It's getting more and more regular. More kicks than flutters now. Sometimes I can tell the different movements. I felt like she didn't stop moving yesterday. She's also learned to kick me right in the bladder, and this morning it felt like she did a complete flip. I love it! I can't wait until I can feel her on the outside, so Husband can share this with me.

Food Cravings? pizza and pickles. Not together.

Gender? GIRL!!!!

Labor signs? no effing thank you!

Belly Button? Innie

What I Miss? Beer -still this. Social functions are such a tease.

What I Am Looking Forward To? Bigger tummy, more movements, Husband feeling movements.

Weekly Wisdom? ......?

Milestones? Halfway point baby!