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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby stuff is overwhelming!

So every time I walk into a Babies R Us/Target Baby section/any other baby store I get so overwhelmed. I just don't even know what I'm looking at! And then I kinda just space out. Where I'm not really looking at anything anymore and everything's kind of a blur. So then I end up in the clothing section cause clothing is REALLY easy to buy. And then I end up leaving there spending too much money on baby clothes. I don't know which items are better, or what exactly I need... Help!

Here's what we have picked out so far when it comes to bigger items.

Fisher Price Lil Lamb Swing

Graco Travel System. I am still trying to decide if I want a full size or lightweight stroller. I kind of want both. Is that bad?

I bought this on clearance for like $16! It was originally like $65 or something. I don't really care for a huge bed set. First off, I can't find any I like. And secondly, it's too damn expensive. I like the brown polka dots, however, the sheets are not the right color, so I'll just buy a pink sheet separately. All i really cared about was the bumper, to be honest.

Play Pin thingy. Are these even really necessary?

We are getting a barely used bassinet free from a friend, and we haven't even decided on furniture yet. Oi.


Anonymous said...

Go to the bookstore and get "Baby Bargains". It combines safety ratings, prices, reviews, and needs so you can narrow things down.
I was incredibly overwhelmed before I read it.

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Here's my two cents on baby gear...and lord knows I am the QUEEN of this junk. I went OVERBOARD and beyond.

Ethan has 5...yes 5 strollers. Travel system, Snap n go, jogger, umbrella, and a duo(we use it when I have a friends baby over). IMO, I'd get the full size, and maybe the snap n go(it's a LIFESAVER) for when she's little).

I did the same thing with bedding. Bought bits and pieces of a set I liked and then bought my own sheets. It's cheaper and easier that way. As far as bumpers, at like 4 months we had to take his out and get the breathable ones cause he was a mover and snuggled into them and it FREAKED me out big time.

E lived in his pack n play the first 3 months. Then it got stored for 2 months and I was so mad at myself for having my sister buy it. When he became more mobile MIL suggested bringing it back out to help "contain" him. He loved it for about 2 months then wanted out of it! But now we use it when I take him to work so he can nap there and whenever we go on vacation(and we're driving). So in reality for me it was a lifesaver. But that really just depends on the mom I think.

Some things I realized were a huge waste: Blankets and receiving blankets (A few are necessary, but not the gazillion I ended up with). If you bottle feed at all...Bottle warmer (used it like three times), Bottle sterilizer (used it twice....i'm sure there are more things that I wasted my money on that we never used. Buying used or even borrowing is such a good idea too.

Jenni said...

A swing is a must, also if you plan to go to Grams and Gramps etc, I would consider registering for a portable one, that also could be a bouncer!
I play pen is a must, especially if you go out of town, go camping, to the lake, etc you can pack it up and go. its also good for the first months while baby is rooming with you. I loved ours!!
A stroller with car seat is GREAT!! the stroller you won't use at first and quite frankly its pretty heavy and bulky, so I got the snap n go. That was awesome and a lifesaver, since you barely take the baby out of the carrier when they are little. =)
A highchair, obviosuly not right away but you can always register for it.
Bottles are a definite, bibs, diapers, spit up cloths, baby bath, hooded towels and wash cloths, recieving blankets, I would register for a bigger blanket so you can lay out on the floor for tummy time, as well as a bobby.. hmm and nipple cream!! Yep make sure you stock up. and nursing pads. =)

Amber and Brian said...

yeah we have the bumbo, burp cloths, swaddling blankets, high chair, bouncer, etc etc all on the registry. The high chair and bouncer seat thingy match the stroller and play pin.