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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Headbands: My First Tutorial

I made some baby headbands last weekend and thought I'd do a tutorial. They're super easy and came out pretty cute! Take it easy on me though. Like I said, it is my first tutorial.

Here's what you'll need:

- Panty hose. You can use childrens or adult. I used children because I wanted different colors and some had patterns. I thought that was cuter than the adults, because you can only find white and black in adults.

- flowers. Go to Michaels or Joannes and pick out any silk flowers you like.

- Hot glue gun.

- Iron

- Thread and needle for hand sewing. You don't really need your sewing machine for this.

- Bling for the middle of your flower.

- Ribbon

1. First start with your flower. Any kind you like. Here's a BIG one.

2. Take it apart. Start by removing it from the stem then removing the bottom part. Then (not pictured)take apart all the petals from each other, but keep them in order, until you get the top middle part of the flower removed.

3. Next you're going to glue your flower back together. You're going to hot glue each petal together. Just put a small amount of hot glue around the petal's center and put the next petal on top.

4. Once you have it all glued back together, put some bling, or a button, or anything you'd like to decorate the middle in. Go ahead and prep all your flowers. Have fun, decorate them with different colored jewels or like I said, regular buttons, decorative buttons, etc. Be creative.

5. Now on to the panty hose. For a newborn you'll want the measurements about 12 inches. From what I googled, 13 inches will fit up to a year. The panty hose stretch, so seems about right. If you already have a baby, measure her head.

You'll want to start by cutting your measurements, then ironing out all the wrinkles. Make sure you iron the hose on a LOW heating. Trust me. THey will melt. Go ahead and iron them all at one time and put them in a pile to get started.

6. Ok. Now that you have everything prepped, start by folding your panty hose in half and then sew the two ends together. Pull the thread so it scrunches it. That's what you're going for.

It should look like this when you're done.

Inside out

Right side out.

7. Glue ribbon round the sewed area. The best is if you use a silk ribbon. It will be the most comfortable for your baby's head. YOu'll end up with this:

7. Glue your flower onto the ribbon piece, and you'll end up with this!

Next. And this is very important. Make sure you test them out on your dogs.

Oh, and make sure you put the panty hose scraps on their bottoms to complete the outfit.

Just kidding. Here's a few pictures of all of the ones I made.


Jenni said...

So flippin cute, your so crafty I love it! Lil C, is going to be so cute with her rockstar headbands!!

Btw I love how you tested them on the dogs, I'm sure they loved being involved.

Jamie said...

Very cute! Great job!

LOVE the photo of Lily! Giz is just liking it a little too much. =)

Kirstin said...

So cute!!!

I am DYING over the dog pic! Lillys face and gizzy up her butt, sooo funny

Cupcake Mama said... have 3 nieces and have NEVER made them ANYTHING!!! Can't wait to get there and craft with you!!! xoxo

Amber and Brian said...

Jen! I would totally make them stuff, but i know it would sit in my office/craft room and never be sent to them cause I am AWFUL at sending stuff in the mail. I'd totally forget.

When you guys get home, we're totally doing crafts!

Nicole said...


Leslie Ramey said...

I love this, thanks so much!! I have been looking for a cute headband for my little baby with no luck. Now I will just make one!!