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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Puppies

So I tried taking my annual Christmas photos of the dogs by the tree... yeah, didn't work out too well for me this year. Here's what I got.

This one turned out ok. It's the only one I got of her without her ears back, because I'm saying, "Noooo! Lily! Stay! Sit! Noooooo!" and I'm pushing 3 other dogs away and yelling at one of the big ones because she is curious and wants to know what's going on while getting all up in my picture and ruining it. Ack!

This one looks pretty much like last year's. He can't keep his eyes open because of the flash. His face makes me laugh.

(Gizmo last year)

2 seconds later, this happened...

And this is Bob. Bob is awesome. He's not mine, but I wish he were. He's Husband's BFF's dog, who is staying with us right now. Bob really is the coolest dog you'll ever meet. He's such a lover. I let him borrow Gizmo's scarf. He looks scared. haha

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Office Furniture!

We found an awesome deal on craigslist for this office furniture. We needed it badly. I will be working from home (yay!) probably starting next week, plus I really needed more room for crafts. My Mother-in-law is teaching me how to sew. :)

Here's the before with our small IKEA desk, and cluttered drawer thingies

And after (note: I still need to decorate this room, so it's pretty bare)

My Twilight collection haha. (In defense, I didn't buy ANY of this. My friends buy it for me), but hey, would you complain about looking at Robert Pattinson for 12 months? Nope, not me!