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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo (태권도; IPA: /tɛkwɒndoʊ/) is a Korean martial art. Taekwondo is the national sport of South Korea. It is also regarded as the world's most popular martial art in terms of number of practitioners,[1] and sparring, or kyeorugi, is an official Olympic sporting event. In Korean, tae 태 跆 means "to trample with the foot"; kwon 권 拳 means "fist"; and do 도 道 means "way"; so taekwondo is loosely translated as "the way of the foot and fist".

A couple months ago I started Tae Kwon Do.
I'm taking the class at my Dad's Martial Arts Academy, so it's free.99, which is a plus! I didn't think I'd like it cause all my life I always thought it was so dorky, but I actually like it a lot! It's a great workout, and I'm also getting my flexability back from my dancer days.

Anyhooters, this past Saturday in the middle of moving (literally) I took time out to test for my yellow belt. That's right bitches! I'm a big bad yellow belt now! Watch out or I will round house kick you in the face! haha! I try to practice my skillz on the hubs but he's still too quick for me. I'd love to kick his ass. At least once. The dude is strong (all in a playful way of course).

Oh and here's a really embarrassing/funny story for you... Okay, so I tested at the Academy at 12:30pm. Then at 7PM I had to go back for graduation to get my belt. Well, they have the graduation at a school nearby, because the academy just isn't big enough for all the parents. There are a lot of students, mainly children. Some of the cutest kids, by the way. Like, little ones! They call them teh "Little Dragons". So cute! Anyway, I'm on my way out and I stop by the bathroom to wash my hands - they're just so dirty from moving and the handsoap at home was packed in some random box. So I run into the bathroom, and start washing my hands. Then some dude walks in, and I think WTF? Then I look up and I can see a urinal, with a guy pissing in it in the mirror. Then I really think "WTF?!". I say, "Oh.My.GOD! I am in the WRONG bathroom, aren't I? I am so sorry." The dude just chuckled and said, "oh it's okay." and I ran like a bat out of hell out of there. I was SO embarrassed!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're Moved!

And we survived. Barely. ha! I took a 4 day weekend. Lots of packing and cleaning. A LOT of cleaning. I packed and cleaned the rental while the hubs physically moved everything to OUR house.

I will have some semi-after pics up, as soon as we're unpacked, cleaned up and decorated I'll get some pics up.

And I had to change my background (again) because the photo was no longer available or some shiz...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Tomorrow! Tomorrow! We're moving, tomorrow! It's only a daaaaaaaaayyyy aaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!

And we're not fully packed yet. Gah!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

YUMMY! Yummy yum! yum! yum!

I got an itch and decided to make Roni's Creps from my new favorite blog (see post below). Since it's lunch time I decided why not make a wrap with them? Here's what I did.

* Followed Roni's Recipe for the creps

*Start with some ranch - I used Fresh & Easy's ranch. The best ranch ever. But it's not low fat, so just a little! I then added some roast beef and 1/2 slice of reduced fat sliced motzerella cheese.

*I then topped that w/some turkey, avacado, red onion and lettuce - oops. That one on the left was my first crep I made so it has a little taste test ripped out on the edge there. haha

*roll it all up and voi la! SOOOOO Good! This is my new favorite lunch!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Inspiring Blog

One of my "talkalatte" friends posted a link to a healthy cooking blog. I have to say, her recipes look delicious and low in fat! Right up my alley! I've been browsing through the recipes all day off and on, found some great recipes I want to try and then I came across her story. She started a weightloss blog. She lost a lot of weight. I find it inspiring because she's a mother, a wife, and a full time employee. You know, I use the excuse of being "too busy" to eat healthy ALL the time, I mean, it is hard to eat healthy when you don't even have the time to cook dinner!

Anyway, she has some quick, easy, and heathly meals on her blog. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's try this again, Scrapblog.

Since the last time it didn't work....... Here's a scrapblog page I made.

:::Crosses fingers it works this time:::

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finally getting easier

So I have been struggling for quite a while to loose weight. I've always been pretty active (dance and cheer in high school). I gained a little weight after HS because I obvioulsy wasn't dancing as much or doing cheer anymore. I had never stepped into a gym before, so I then realized that I am not naturally skinny. Even then I started working out (pretty mildly too. Like 10 mins of cardio and some light weights, but that's it) and lost a LOT of weight. I mean, I was in the best shape. Fast forward to 2006ish. I start cosmetology school, stop working out due to not having any time to workout, and am still eating like crap like I always have. And at that point, I wasn't eating dinner until I got out of school at 10pm. Dinner consisted of stopping for fast food on the way home. Not good. I slowly gained weight. About 30lbs.

After that I started trying to loose weight. I realized I need to change my lifestyle completely. I needed to change the way I ate, especially. I hate working out and the gym is a complete chore to me. I hate it. I have struggeled for over 2 years trying to loose this weight. I lost maybe 10lbs, got off track for a couple months, gained that back and then some, then gained a little more. WTF? I have had my thyroid checked twice. All comes out normal. Last time they checked my iron as well for anemia. Normal. Again, WTF? Why can't I loose this weight? Why do I gain so easily? I am at the absolute heaviest I have ever been in my entire life, I have never been so insecure about the way I look, I am always tired, and I feel like crap. I'm fat.

I am pretty good about eating healthy (although I'm not perfect. I do fuck up sometimes), but the gym is my enemy. I hate it! I'm sorry but I have a low attention span and walking on the tredmill or doing the elyptical for 30-45 mins sucks. I get bored easily. Lately it's been getting a lot easier. I started working out with my friend Lisa twice a week, and I've started Tae Kwon Do at my dad's Martial Arts Academy. I find that since I don't have to drag myself to the gym as much, it's much better. I enjoy the Tae Kwon Do and it's a great workout. Lots of cardio. I don't know if I've lost anything because I have not been all that great about eating exactly right, but I have noticed that if I really slip up I feel like I need to get back on track ASAP when before I was like, "Oh well".

I need a kick in the butt with my eating though. I need to do something strict for a couple weeks then I'm good to go. I borrowed The South Beach Diet from Lisa, which I think I'm going to start next week. Seems pretty easy. The only hard part, no alcohol.

I can do it. I can do it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Do you likey?

I finally figured out how to customize my blog my own way, instead of using one of blogspot's boring old templates! Click here to customize your own.

Do you like it? yay or nay?

I orginally had stars, but then I went home and realized they moved which was way too obnoxious for me, so I've changed it. Hopefully the hearts aren't beating when I get home.

P.S. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! No fireworks here. A monsoon wind/dust storm decided to make an entrance as we were on our way out to see fireworks. No bueno.

Oh yeah, House Update.

We're homeowners! Yippee!! We finally received our keys Thursday after waiitng a week and 1/2 for the seller to send back their docs to our lender.

So... here is the house so far. The hubs worked only a 1/2 day on Thursday and went to the house, tore out all the carpet (which is a lot of work to do in one day), and tested some paint colors on the wall, which we didn't like. Then Saturday we woke up early and went over there and worked all day. We finished scraping all the glue off the floors, swept more than I've ever swept in my life, removed all the base boards, and the hubs removed the glass mirror from the wall (sorry Pobudz, it didn't come off in one peice). Then Sunday we went back again and worked till 2:00 and started painting. We got one color mostly done Throughout both living areas, and the hallways. We got the second coat started all with no AC the whole weekend in 110* weather.

I now have much more respect for what my husband does on a daily basis. My feet hurt so bad and each night I was POOPED!

Oh and we bought the wood floors but they didn't have them in stalk so we have to wait 2 weeks for them to come in. :(

Anyway, here are some pics of the progress:

Master Bedroom

Living Room

My favorite thing about the house - my very own vanity in the master bedroom! Now I have room for my makeup and hair products without getting in Hub's way!

Dining Room - This is where the mirror wall used to be. This wall is going to have to be completely retextured.

Here's one of the walls with the paint. We decided to go with Glidden's Dapper Tan as the main color of the house and then we're using Family Legacy (which is one shade darker) as the accent color.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I was reading the nest boards and came across . It's a great online scrapbooking website for people like me who are photoshop challenged.

Here's a scrapblog I made of our wedding(Hope it works).