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Thursday, July 17, 2008

YUMMY! Yummy yum! yum! yum!

I got an itch and decided to make Roni's Creps from my new favorite blog (see post below). Since it's lunch time I decided why not make a wrap with them? Here's what I did.

* Followed Roni's Recipe for the creps

*Start with some ranch - I used Fresh & Easy's ranch. The best ranch ever. But it's not low fat, so just a little! I then added some roast beef and 1/2 slice of reduced fat sliced motzerella cheese.

*I then topped that w/some turkey, avacado, red onion and lettuce - oops. That one on the left was my first crep I made so it has a little taste test ripped out on the edge there. haha

*roll it all up and voi la! SOOOOO Good! This is my new favorite lunch!


Roni said...

WOW look how good they came out!!

tiffandkevin said...

that looks so good!

Mrs.AliciaK said...

I have the same plates! :D

They look yummmy