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Friday, December 23, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday! (Picture Heavy)

We had two parties for the Princess! One, just a small dinner/get together with the inlaws since they weren't going to be able to make it Saturday, and then her big party with friends and the rest of our family.

Let me just say, her  big bday party didn't end up as planned. It turned out just great, don't get me wrong! It was supposed to have a theme. Princess and Polka Dots. I couldn't find any pink polka dotted stuff, what's up with that!?  I didn't really get the decorations up, and well... I just had a lot more plans  for food, decor, fun, etc. It didn't happen because there just wasn't enough time or energy. I got her cold, so I felt like shit, and the weekend previous to her bday was spent on the couch snuggling my sicky instead of out shopping and getting things prepped like I wanted to. So it all ended up last minute, and an hour before guests were supposed to show up, I said fuck it to the decorations. But like I said, it still ended up great. Great times with friends and family. :)

The first cake "smash". This girl just wasn't too crazy about cake. :)

 For me?

 What's this?

 She did end up having a little bit of fun with this peice of cake. :)

The big Princess Birthday Party:

 See my lack of decor?
 The Princess!

What do you get boys for a princess party? Mustaches!
 Cake made by my sister in law. :)


Cailin turned one on Friday! This also means, Mommy and Daddy have survived our first year of parenthood. Go us!

This year has been the best year ever. So many happy moments, some frustrating ones, but all and all it has been great! I don't usually say this, but we are so truley blessed to have such a wonderful, happy, beautiful, healthy baby girl. It makes me so happy to see her grow and learn, and so sad at the same time that she's getting so big so fast.

We had two (yes two!) birthday parties! One was just a small get together with the inlaws, since they weren't going to be able to make it to her party, and then we had the big party the next day. More on that later. :)

What Cailin is up to this month:

  • Still amazes me with words and signs.
    New words - Ball, Kitty, Tree (Christmas tree).
    Perfecting old words - Mom, Dad, Hi, Baby, Dog.

    New Signs: Baby (my favorite. It's sooo cute!), I love you, Kitty, Apple.
    Old Signs - Milk, More, Eat, Banana, All Done, Please, Dog.
  • She points at EVERYTHING wanting an explaination. She's so curious about the world around her.
  • Still not interested in walking. I thought she was going to be walking by Christmas there for a minute. On Thankgiving weekend she was taking an interest in it. Even taking a step towards me, and standing unassisted. She'll stand unassisted, until she realizes she is and then she'll sit down. Like she's scared or something. So she hasn't really tried since then. Oh well, I'm not worried. She'll do it when she's ready. :) In the meantime I've been stocking up on shoes. I'm sure it'll happen like overnight.
  • She has boycotted sleep. :( She has not slept through the night since Halloween weekend. Or a few days before that anyway. She got a cold that weekend, which lasted a good 10 days. She does not sleep when sick. Then when she got better, she would still wake up in the middle of the night! I thought, okay she's thrown off because she of her cold... Then a week later she was still waking up! I thought, okay she's going through a growth spurt cause she was wanting  a bottle in the middle of the night. Then She was STILL waking up a couple weeks later! I knew she had two teeth coming in, so I thought, okay she's just teething. Then she got another cold last week, which made it even worse! Now she's been waking up several times a night! It's so frustating! She's always been a good sleeper until this past month and a half.

    She's over her cold and is still not sleeping. Waking up anywhere from 1 - 3 times a night! Screaming and crying bloody murder in her crib.I've tried letting her cry. I let her go 15 minutes the other night (coming from a non CIO mom, that's serious), and it just escalated until I went and got her. At 4AM. She won't sleep in her crib at night either! She's wanting to be rocked to sleep. Fine, I have absolutely no problem rocking her to sleep. I would gladly rock her till she's 3. She stopped wanting to be rocked months ago, so like I said, I don't mind. But as soon as you lay her down in her crib she wakes up screaming. Either that, or she'll wake up an hour later screaming. The past few nights she's slept in bed with me. I guess I don't mind as long as we're all getting some sleep. Separation anxiety? I dunno. I just hope it goes back to normal soon. I also don't mind sharing the bed with her, but she's been tossing and turning a bunch. I'm a light sleeper, so it wakes me up, so I turn around and cuddle her, or pat her back until she's fully asleep again.
  • Teeth: She has 6 teeth now! Her bottom two, and top 4. Or should I say top 3.5. The right one next to her two front teeth isn't fully out yet, but it's poked through. Doctor says she thinks she may have some molars coming soon... grrrreeeeat.
  • Speaking of the doctor, she is 21.9lbs (hasn't gained any weight in 2 months, actually she lost an ounce). And she's 29 1/4 inches long. So she's grown taller, but is definitely thinning out. She looks so much like a little kid now and less like a baby every day.  And so much more like her Daddy!
  • We've made the switch from formula to cow's milk now. She still only takes it from a bottle though, and it has to be warmed up a little. She's in the "I just throw my sippy on the floor" stage right now. I've been trying several different sippy cups to see which she likes best. Before she really seemed to like the straw sippies, but she doesn't like drinking milk from it, just water. So we'll keep trying.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Christmas Vs. This Christmas

About a week ago, we met with Latricia again for Cailin's 1st Birthday/Christmas photos. We didn't get too many birthday shots thanks to uncooperative weather and an uncooperative baby, but we got some great Christmas ones! And she made our Christmas cards. OMG they're amazing! So excited to send them out!

Anyway, just looking back at Cai's first Christmas compared to this one. Has it been one year already?!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was good! We went to my sister in law's for dinner, and everything was super delicious! We all stuffed our faces, including Cailin!

 Mmmmm this is all so yummy!
 washing it down with some water

 Yay for Thanksgiving!
Oh I'm so full!

I really have so much to be thankful for this year. A wonderful husband, an awesome job at a great company, and most of all, this girl.