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Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday! (Picture Heavy)

We had two parties for the Princess! One, just a small dinner/get together with the inlaws since they weren't going to be able to make it Saturday, and then her big party with friends and the rest of our family.

Let me just say, her  big bday party didn't end up as planned. It turned out just great, don't get me wrong! It was supposed to have a theme. Princess and Polka Dots. I couldn't find any pink polka dotted stuff, what's up with that!?  I didn't really get the decorations up, and well... I just had a lot more plans  for food, decor, fun, etc. It didn't happen because there just wasn't enough time or energy. I got her cold, so I felt like shit, and the weekend previous to her bday was spent on the couch snuggling my sicky instead of out shopping and getting things prepped like I wanted to. So it all ended up last minute, and an hour before guests were supposed to show up, I said fuck it to the decorations. But like I said, it still ended up great. Great times with friends and family. :)

The first cake "smash". This girl just wasn't too crazy about cake. :)

 For me?

 What's this?

 She did end up having a little bit of fun with this peice of cake. :)

The big Princess Birthday Party:

 See my lack of decor?
 The Princess!

What do you get boys for a princess party? Mustaches!
 Cake made by my sister in law. :)

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