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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: day 23

Day 23-Favorite vacation

Ever? This is a toss up between Seattle or Sea World. Sea World was awesome. It was Husband and I's one year anniversary as a couple. It was just the two of us, and we had a great time. Well, except that whole I was under 21 and got busted for a fake ID thing. haha!

But Seattle was more recent so I'll blog about that. Last summer ( i think) is when we took a trip to Seattle to visit my sister-in-law. We went for our niece's birthday and the 4th of July. It was sooo pretty up there and perfect, non Seattle weather. It was warm, perfect weather, sunny, and we only got the true Seattle rain the last day we were there. Which I didn't mind. We did LOTS of outdoor stuff.

Like visit the ice caves.. So cool.

Take a Ferry over to an Island (forget which one).

Eat Delicious, FRESH seafood...

Watch the sunset on the beach (at 10PM, might I add).

Have the BEST 4th of July EVER! We got to set off our own fireworks. And real fireworks. The whole neighborhood was going off. It was awesome. Much different than here where we drive and go sit in a parking lot full of people in 115 degrees, sweating our butts off. Then sit in traffic for an hour to get home.

Visit the city and play "Where's Edward?" (okay so I was the only one playing that game)....

And lots of family time! It was such a great trip. One I will remember for sure. :)

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