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Monday, November 22, 2010


Had a doctor appointment today. We remeasured her, and although she's still running about a week ahead, she's not the giant baby they predicted her to be at 29 weeks. She must've had a growth spurt around that time or something. Now, at 35 weeks she's measuring 6lbs. Oh, and she's still a girl. I had them check just ONE more time to make sure, since everythng I read about PUPPs rash says it happens mostly with boy pregnancies and they think that boy DNA has something to do with it...

I'm pretty confused as to what's going on at this point. Doc hasn't mentioned anything about keeping the induction or not. Obviously I want her to be ready and don't want to take her before she's ready, but I cannot even fathom going another five plus weeks at this point! I will die, I'm sure (okay a little dramatic, just kidding). And plus, I already bought her a cute little Christmas outfit and was REALLY looking forward to introducing her at the annual Christmas Eve party... Plus Husband's working out of town, and I want to get rid of this rash. Totally selfish reasons, I know. So, I have another appointment next week, which starts my weekly appointments. I'm just really hoping she comes on her own at about 38 weeks. Wishful thinking, huh? So please Cailin, be good for mommy and do me a favor and get yourself nice and cooked up and healthy and come around 38 weeks, kay? Mommy and Daddy REALLY want to meet you. We love SOOO much already, and we know that will only grow when we see your pretty face for the first time. :)

How you're feeling: The rash has actually gotten a teeny tiny bit better. I mean, I really didn't want to say that out loud because that means it'll flare up, right? I actually do have a couple new stretch marks which means new rash. I've been feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvis lately. Some days it's really painful.

How far along? 35 wks

Total Weight Gain?  35lbs total

Maternity Clothes? um... the maternity clothes are actually getting too small at this point. I now have to wear long maternity tank tops underneath my shirts so my belly doesn't hang out the bottom. Oy.

Stretch Marks? yep. and some new ones.

Sleep?:::knock on wood:::: but it's gotten a little bit better since my rash has gotten better. I sleep for two hours straight now instead of one. Yipee!

Best Moment This Week? It's always great when I get to see my princess on the ultrasound. And knowing she's not huge is good.

Movement? she doesn't have much room in there to move anymore. So I still feel her but she's not doing a whole lot of kicking these days.

Food Cravings? nothing in paticular, I just can't seem to ever get full.

Gender? GIRL!!!!

Labor signs? Nada

Belly Button? half in half out. Top is out, bottom is in. <--- same.

What I Miss? not walking like a duck. I remember when I could move my hips when I walk. Yeah, can't do that anymore with a 6pounder in between them!

What I Am Looking Forward To? Thanksgiving!


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Anonymous said...

its almost over kid! then you'll have 2 kids to take care of !!! Bill