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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Recipe: Low-Fat Crock Pot Chicken and Rice

I found this recipe on Here's their recipe:

3 boneless/skinless chicken breast
2 Cups uncooked white rice
1 Can fat free cream of chicken soup
1 Can fat free cream of mushroom soup
1 Tbs of garlic

In a slow cooker, cook your chicken breast and garlic on low, for 4-6 hours in 4.5 cups water. When chicken is done, shred and put back in cooker( do not drain water) . Add rice and let cook for 20-30 min or until rice is done. When rice is done, add soup and let cook for 15 more minutes. Makes 6 1-cup servings.


Here's what I did.

* Subsituted cooking the chicken in water for fat free organic chicken stock.
* Used Brown Rice instead of white
*Added about a 1/2 a packet of Onion Soup Mix for flavor
*Added vegis - I used yellow and red bell peppers

It was pretty good. I took a picture, but to be honest, it's not a very attractive looking dinner, but it still tastes yummy!


Michelle said...

Mmm sounds good... I may have to try it. I have been trying all different recipes lately but they've been pretty fattening. I am trying to start eating healthier so maybe if I make something like this and just not tell Jr it's low fat... he'll maybe eat it. Once he hears it's low fat or healthy he thinks it gross and throws a fit. Haha! Thanks I will try it.

Amber and Brian said...

Brian used to be the same way, but he really supports me in my attempt to loose weight, plus I make some pretty tasty low fat stuff. Most the time you don't even know the fattening part is missing!