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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

House Update

Good thing my husband is a carpenter. That means he has the hook-up in all the other trades. Stuff that he doesn't know how to do, like eletrical and pool stuff, for example. I swear. Brian could build me a house with his bare hands, but he can't work a remote or hook up the cable.

I got an email from my Loan Officer today. He said that the appraiser went out and said the pool is green. Duh. We knew that. That's what happens when a house is vacant for god knows how long, and there are no chemicals put into a pool and the pump isn't running.

My realtor had warned us that it may need to be cleaned, but for now we'd try to get away with it just being full (since it was almost empty before). When we went to the house last Saturday, the listing agent was filling up the pool. Not clean, but filling it up.

WELL, that apparently isn't good enough for our lender. They want it to be clean and in "working condition". Okay, I understand. Not surprised by this.

So anyway, the hub's best friend is a pool boy. Actually he owns his own pool cleaning business. He's going to hook us up. He's going over there tomorrow to see what he can do to make it look nice and purty. For free. We'll have to pay for chemicals if he needs anything extra, but all the labor is free. That saves us about a couple hundred dollars right there!

Pool is fixed! Thanks Ryan!!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Woo whoo Pool Party at Ambie's then! Glad you got your pool looking purdy. Our was green too so we had to drain it. Jr is in the process of getting it up and running.