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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Music

So this is my first music post. I love music. I love hearing new music, finding new bands I've never heard of, supporting local bands, etc. Unfortunately, I've been out of the "scene" for a while due to saving money. First for the wedding, now for the house. It's hard to get out to see shows when you can't really spend money on that type of thing. I mean a show plus drinks will cost you at least $50 these days.

Anyway, one of my favorite bands, Story of the Year, is coming out with a new album soon! Here's the first single from the new album, The Black Swan. I love it! Sounds a lot like the last album. And if you're looking for a great live show, I HIGHLY recommend seeing them. They have so much energy and are so totally awesome live. One of the best live bands I've seen. Usually at shows I'm rocking out, but everytime I see them I just stand there amazed by how much energy they have!

Also another new band I like a lot is Ludo. I heard the song "Love MeDead" on the radio and turned the volume up. That hasn't happened in a while... I love the lead singer's voice. Sounds like a mix of Chester from Linkin Park and Gerard fro My Chemical Romance.

One more. This one is just for fun. A local DJ made a "remake" of Flobot's "Handlebars", called "Scottsdale Bars". If you haven't heard the real version, check it out here:

And here is Craven Moorehead's "Scottsdale Bars". Too funny and so true!

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