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Monday, June 9, 2008

Excuse Me, but I need to vent for a second.

Get this - Backstory:
Before we had DH's BFF come clean the pool, we were told it at least had to be full (because it was about 3/4 the way empty). So the listing agent had someone go out there to fill the pool. Well, they have this leveler that is connected to the hose and stops the hose from filling up the pool once it hits a certain point. Well, the hose is really still running and it's a crappy hose so from the pressure it was spraying the side of the house (the wall) where there's a hole from where the water faucet thingy comes out. And that water had been spraying the house (and inside the wall)for a week straight! DH and I wanted to get inside to see if there were any damages, so we called our realtor to let us in. Sure enough the wall was wet inside. DH barely hit it, and put a hole in the wall. It's not too bad. It's like 2X2 feet. We sat around for an 1 1/2hrs waiting for the listing agent to call back. They gave us the green light to go ahead and open up the wall to let it air out so it doesn't grow mold, so the hubs went ahead and cut out the drywall, and pulled out all the wet insulation. UGH.

So now we have a part of our wall cut out, that we'll have to drywall back in. It's not that big of a deal and won't cost us a lot of money, but it's just frustrating and annoying that we're the ones doing the work on this house that's not even really ours yet! THEY should fix it since THEY damaged it. I know this is a foreclosure and is sold "as is", but this isn't how it was when we signed the contract!I'm so irritated. The listing agents are the ones who did this, and they don't even give a crap. They suck so bad and aren't doing their jobs. Not at all. Our seller singed docs aren't even signed yet and we've been waitng for that for 3 weeks, so we can do inspections! That's because the retarded listing agent wasn't sending them our Earnest Money check, just the receipt. I'm so frustrated and stressed with them. I feel like us, our lender, and our realtor are doing all the work with no help with them, and we HAVE to close by the end of the month. And not only all that, but they won't even call us back. There is a main listing agent, a co-agent, and his assistant. Until Saturday my agent had never spoken with the main agent. She's been dealing with the co-agent and his assistant. Well BOTH the agents apparently went on vacation at the same time and didn't tell her! The guy she's been dealing with (co-agent) is on vacation until the 14th!!

I'm so frustrated and angry. I just spoke to my agent. She said that of course, no one went out to the property to check the wall this weekend. She finally got them to call her because she sent an emailing saying if she didn't hear from someone in an hour to get something done and some answers about the docs, she was going to call the asset manager's office. So now we find out that the asset mgr has had the docs for a week, but they haven't sent them back because they've been waiting for a 2nd opinion from the lender weather or not the pool needed to be blue. And the agent is sending his "associate" out to the house to look at the wall. Why not an inspector or professional, I don't know? UGGGGH!

We can back out, but really we can't because we need to be out of our rental by the end of July, and really don't have anywhere to go. And we really don't want to start the home buying process all over again. And rates are going up, we're already locked in. that was really long, but I had to get it out. I'm so fecking irritated and mad and frustrated!

Bottom line is, if it's not fixed by Friday my husband is going to end up fixing it after work. We need to get the appraiser back out there, and he cannot see that. It'll cause a lot of problems with our lender.

That was really really long, but I needed to vent.

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