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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some Sunday Cuteness

Just because my doggies are the cutest.

Oh noes! The big scary pit bull iz eating my wittle fluffy dog!

BFF's. Gizmo needs a haircut. Don't judge him.

Lily helping me work

Incase you're wondering about Bob's ears... He's Husband's best friend/our roomate's dog and he's a rescue. He rescued him from the Humane Society, and his horrible douchebag of previous owners cut his ears, and unprofessionally. Like, by themselves. It's so sad. I was just thinking the other day of how freaking cute he would be with his floppy ears. Poor Bob. :(

Crafts: Sewing - Throw Pillows

As you may have noticed, my #19 goal is to learn to sew. Yeah, I'm working on this. So far I'm decent at sewing pillows. They're easy, and square. haha I took it a step further this weekend and sewed pillow slip covers. I like to change it up, and I hate having to buy new pillow inserts each time, plus when one of the doggies dirties it, it's easier to throw in the wash.

Anyway, there was a Hobby Lobby grand opening by my house (OMG holy awesome-ness of a store!), and I just HAD to check it out. I had no idea Hobby Lobby had everything from crafts to home decor, I thought it was just mainly craft stuff. They had some sales going on too. Unfortunately I bought from the fabric/sewing section and none of that was on sale. :(

So here are my super awesome pillow slips I sewed. I got the instructions from my new favorite craft blog Make It and Love It. HERE is the tutorial for the bows HERE is the tutorial for slip covers.

Note: my pillows are a different size than the tutorials. I used 16x16in pillows. My measurements were the following:

Pillow: 16.5 front side, 21" back side (and then I cut it and hemmed the slip part.
Bows: I did 16.5x4.5" - I didn't do different sized strips because my pillow was more square than rectangle, they were all the same size, but I just sewed one side further than the other if that makes sense.

Oh, by the way, I ran out of the brown polka dotted fabric, so one pillow only has one bow. I think it's still cute. And of course Lily wanted to model it for you all.

So whattya think? Yay? Nay? Cute? Or should I give up on the sewing while I'm ahead. ;P

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm a blogging machine! Working from home has it's benefits, yeah? haha

Any time I'm really feeling down, I crank this song on repeat and it ALWAYS makes me feel so much better. Just listen to the lyrics. I big fat fluffy heart Authority Zero. <3 <3 <3

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Speaking of Fitness

I need to lose about 50lbs. It's not pretty. I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life. I'm gross right now. And I've done absolutely nothing about it for the past, uh... year? I'm not going to make excuses. I've been stressed, depressed and straight up lazy. I've been eating out, a lot. I've been eating sweets, a lot. I hate seeing pictures of myself. I have about 3 chins. Again, I'm gross.

So here's the thing. I'm not going to stress myself over losing a bunch of weight right now. However, I am going to get back in the habit of eating healthy and working out CONSISTANTLY. And hell, if I do this right, then I'll automatically lose a couple LB's right? The reason why I'm not really going to stress the loss of weight thing right now is because I do still plan on getting pregnant again in the next few months here, so I'll really focus on losing all the weight after the baby, but I do want to focus on staying healthy and active while pregnant so I don't gain a whole lot of weight during pregnancy. I really want to limit myself to 20-25lbs max.

Anyhooters, what this post is really about is Matt Hughes Cage Fitness. Click on that link to watch a video. It's a hardcore 30 minute workout. This is something that my Dad's Martial Arts Academy is licensed for and is doing now. I'm now feeling better from the D&C last week and went to Tae Kwon Do this morning, but I think I need to really make sure my body is 100% better before jumping into the Cage Fitness program.So yeah, I'm going to get my booty back into the gym, Tae Kwon Do (I'm a high blue belt now, by the way), and start the Matt Hughes Cage Fitness program and get myself in some sort of shape before getting knocked up again.

And by the way, if you're wanting to join the Cage Fitness Program, my Dad's school is the only school in AZ that offers this program. He has two locations as well... I think (don't quote me) that it's only like $50 a month too, so check it out. That's right I'm pimping my Dad out. haha

Oh look, I found the video on You Tube, so you don't have to go clicking links... Here ya go.

Monday, January 18, 2010


We had another miscarriage. I found out I was pregnant again the first week of December, so we literally got pregnant again right away after the first miscarriage in November. Cool. I had high hopes about this one. Went in for my first doctor's appointment that week, everything's looking good. Had an u/s but it was too early to see anything at the time. At this time I'm only going off my miscarriage date for a due date. I have nothing else to go off of at this point, and the nurse says that should be about right. I'm thinking I'm about 5wks along. I go in for an ultrasound 2 weeks after and I see the sac and yolk sac and am measuring about 5 1/2 weeks. I'm a little disappointed, but it's okay because I know I can't really go off a m/c for accurate dates. But I'm also happy because A) it's further than I got last time and B)It's more than I had last time (only saw a little bitty sac the first pregnancy). Still feeling good about this pregnancy at this point.

I find out from my friend Patty that I may want to have them check my progesterone levels. TMI... but I get yeast infections A LOT. I mean, like every month a few days before I get my period. Patty brings to my attention that low progesterone levels could be what's causing this. And your baby needs progesterone in order to grow. I immediately do some research online and call my nurse. She's retarded and just says "well its probably just the hike in your estrogen levels each month when you ovulate that's causing the yeast infections." I can't really fault this doctor cause he is a new doctor (My old doc was just a GYNO so I only started going to him once I found out about my first pregnancy). Anyway, I tell my nurse that I want to come in for a lab to check my progesterone levels anyway. She says okay. I go in, get blood drawn. Call back a few days later for my results. guess what? Dumbass only checked my HCG hormone. Idiot! Good news, it's doubled. Anyway, I tell them again that I need my PROGESTERONE checked. So I go back in a couple days later (I don't have all the time in the world you know?) and get another lab. I make sure to ask the lab tech lady what they're sending it in for cause I'm going to be pissed if they fuck up again. Now we're running into the holidays and this is the week of Christmas, and places are going to be closed. I call in early the next week for the results (due to the short week for Xmas) and I get my results. Yep. Progesterone is LOW. It was at a 7.7, nurse said should be around 10...? She honestly didn't know what she was talking about, she said so. She had to put me on hold and ask someone how to read the results because she didn't know how to read progesterone. :::eyeroll::. She rights me a prescription for the progesterone supplements. Tells me to make sure to call the pharmacy first because they have to specially make them there or something. I call the next day (New Years Eve at this point) and they say they haven't gotten the order. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Now I'm pissed. I'm 6 1/2 wks at this point and I know I need these, like 2 weeks ago. Ugh. Long story short, I wasn't able to even pick up the prescription until Monday due to the holidays and the pharmacy being closed. So I didn't even start the progesterone supplements till I was 7wks along.

Then 2 weeks later I go in for my 2nd appointment with my doctor. Everything's hunky dory, I'm about 7wks3d at this point. They didn't do an u/s at first but then once I saw the doc they said, "yeah let's get you in for an u/s." Go into the u/s room and this is where everything goes wrong. The tech says, "well you're measuring at about 5wk6d." And I say, "um... well, I don't get it. I was measuring 5 1/2 weeks last time I came in." And I see more on the u/s this time. There is a little "peanut" or embryo or whatever you wanna call it, and the fetal pole. But no heartbeat. yeah, and heartbeat at 7wks would be pretty important. I see the nurse again for my H1N1 shot and tell her I'm really confused and scared. She said that it's basically 50/50 at this point. Either my dates are off and I'm really only 5wk6d or I'll be miscarrying. Uh... okay. That makes me feel just GREAT!She says come back Monday for another u/s to see if we get a heartbeat. So I leave there totally bummed and depressed. I call Husband right away and just start balling. I KNOW this is not good news. I just am absolutely certain that I'm going to miscarry again. If I was only 5wks6d at this point that means I would've gotten a BFP only 1 1/2wks pregnant. Not possible.

Go in Monday, and whattya know. I was right. No heartbeat. Still measuring about the same as the week prior. I'm sad, but not surprised. I had prepared myself for it, plus I woke up with a cold, so it just hurts physically to cry. So I see the doctor and he schedules me for a D&C. I went in for my D&C last Wednesday the 13th. Everything went good. I just hate anethesia. It always makes me sick. I was fine emotionally too.

Then Friday I just broke down. Husband and I were at dinner and baby talk got brought up somehow at the end and I was just holding it in. As soon as we hit the parking lot I just lost it. I am just so disappointed and frustrated and a little angry at this point. When we started TTC it was very casual for us. It was one of those "we're not, not trying" things. Where we wanted it and were ready but were just going to see how things went. I didn't expect to be able to get pregnant so easily or fast. I mean things could definitely be worse, and I know that. I'm extremely lucky that we can get pregnant so easily. I just can't seem to STAY pregnant easily. At this point I'm just terrified. Terrified that this is going to happen over and over again. Terrified that this is going to happen in my 2nd trimester and I'll have to give birth to a dead baby. Terrified that I'm going to have a high risk pregnancy once I do stay pregnant. Maybe I'm just paranoid at this point, but I can't help it. It's scary and I really don't want to go through this again. Now all I want is a baby. Why can't I just go back to feeling casual about this? Now I'm anxious and impatient, and I just WANT A BABY NOW! You know? I hate feeling this way. It's just that we were so excited both times and it really got into our heads and we made plans and it was ripped out from underneath us not once, but twice. It sucks. Sucks big hairy balls. :*( Brian has been great too. He's completely taken care of me through all this and stayed strong for the both of us. This one hit him hard too. I have to remember that this effects him just as much as it does me emotionally. He wants this just as much as I do at this point. He's my rock and my better half and I'm just so fucking lucky to have him.

I'm really really hoping that now that I know that my progesterone is low I can start it right away (depending on what the doctor says), and pregnancy #3 will be great and I'll have a healthy baby by the end of 2010. I'm going to switch doctors to someone who knows something about progesterone and miscarriages. My doctor thinks it's no big deal. Just normal thing to happen. No biggie. "hey, if you have 5 or 10 in a row, no big deal!" Um, yes. It's a big deal to me, thank you. I'm also going to wait a cycle before getting pregnant again this time. My doctor says it's okay to get pregnant right away, don't even have to wait for a period, which is exactly what we did last time. Well, I think I'm going to give my body a rest, and I've heard differently from other people. Like I said my doctor doesn't think anything's a big deal.

So 3rd time's a charm, right?! Oh God, I really hope so. They say he doesn't give you anything more than you can handle. Well, I really don't think I can handle this again, so please God. Please please please let this next one be the one. kthxbai.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Completed Another Goal

#84. Work from home!!

This is something I've been working on for quite a while. I'm very lucky that my work offers this for us. It took me two years to get here, but here I am working from my very own HOME! Yaaaay! It's so great. It'll be so much better. With my crappy hours still in effect (I work Sunday - Thursday 1-10PM), I find it very hard to get everything that needs to be done before noon. I'll have an extra hour to get to the gym, and run my errands in the morning. I'll be able to COOK DINNER which is awesome. I've gained about 20lbs working here due to the fact that I'm unable to cook dinner and/or find the time in the mornings to work out. It's either or, and half the time I was lazy and didn't get to either. So this way I'll actually be able to have a full hour to prepare and eat dinner. I'll also get to spend a little more time with the Husband too. Meaning, a full hour for dinner instead of the 15 minutes at my lunch(dinner) break that I usually see him.

Anyway, I'm super happy and excited. I worked my ass off to get here. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Question Friday

Thanks again, Jenni. :)

1. Worst trouble you ever got into as a teenager?

Oh Geeze. I don't even know where to begin with this one. I was a bad bad teenager. I had boyfriend drama, experimented with drugs, drank, had a mouth, etc. The worst was probably ditching school. I ditched school, no joke, every single day. One time while I was ditching, I got into a car accident on my way back. Yeah...Dad was pretty pissed about that one. Especially since he bought me that car a month prior to me wrecking it. Sorry Dad!

2. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Night, for sure.

3. Are you a One handed or Two handed texter?

Two. I have a Blackberry so it's like a keyboard and you have to use two hands.

4. Democrat, Republican, or Independent..or maybe even Green Party (whatever that is).

5. Are you a pet person?
I'm pretty sure that's obvious considering every other one of my posts are labeled "Pups". :) Love my doggies.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh lookie, I already completed a goal!

#92. Order new drivers license for both Husband and Me

This is something I kept meaning to do. Not neccessarily putting it off, but just not getting around to it. We've lived in our house for a year and a half, and I still haven't changed our address with the DMV or gotten new drivers license with the correct address. I don't know why, it's quick online and cost $4 per license. So I finally remembered and got around to it! Yay! Now I don't have to lie to cops when they ask if it's the correct address (when I get pulled over). haha

101 in 1001

Okay, okay. I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Figured I'd do something positive. :) Oh and Jaye, Jenni, Jamie(wow J's haha), Mya, Stacey, Patty, and Lisa - You can all use me to mark off your goal to inspire someone to make a 101 list, cause you all inspired me. I used all of your lists as examples

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days? Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Here's my list

Anything bolded means I'm working on i
anything in italics means I've completed it
For The House:
1. Keep the office clean and organized
2. Help Husband with simple chores more often
3. Repaint accent wall in living room
4. Move office into guest room
5. Turn office into nursery
6. Help (or if I'm pregnant, watch) Husband paint the exterior of the home.
7. Rennovate/Remodel master bathroom
8. Renovate/Remodel kitchen
9. Buy stainless steel fridge to match the other appliances
10. Get couch professionally cleaned

For The Doggies:
11. Walk dogs at least twice a week
12. Get Lily into obedience classes
13. Get Gizmo into the vet to get his butt issues checked out
14. Learn to express anal glands (gross, but needs to be done)
15. Buy them new toys once Ryan and big dogs move out
16. Get Gizmo into groomer at least every 60 days
17. Dog park twice a month (weather permitting)

18. Make that scrapbook I bought months ago Completed 2/10
19. Learn to Sew
20. Learn to use sewing patterns
21. Make my friends something crafty (Hair flower/bow, tote bag, etc)

22. Start paying back money I owe family on a monthly basis (when Brian starts working again)
23. Re-do budget
24. Stick to said budget
25. Clip coupons and USE THEM
26. Invest Money
27. Start a 401K
28. Put money back into savings

Things To Do Together:
29. Go on 5 road trips just because (0/5)
30. Go up north just the two of us overnight/weekend (0/5)
31. Buy new bedding COMPLETED 2/6
32. Get a new mattress
33. Get our passports
34. Celebrate Christmas in a different state
35. Take a trip to WA to visit sister-in-law/nieces
36. Go to marriage counseling at least once
37. Go to a comedy club
38. Go camping (0/5)

For Me:
39. See a concert (1/15)
40. Blog once a week
41. Learn to play acoustic guitar
42. Get a brazillion and brow wax once a month
43. Get 2 new tattoos (0/2)
44. Cook 4 meals a week
45. Make a new friend or rekindle a friendship with an old friend
46. Download new music to my iPod COMPLETED 2/11
47. Try 10 new restaurants (1/10)
48. Go to First Fridays (0/5)
49. Keep up Friday Fundays with Melissa
50. Wash my hair twice a week haha
51. Tell Husband how much I love and appreciate him (2/7)
52. GTG with my latte girls and meet their new babies (0/5)
53. Pedicure once a month (finances permitting)
54. Read 10 new books (1/10)
55. Re-read the Twilight Saga before Eclipse comes out
56. Go back to School
57. Get my cosmetology License

Embrace My Inner Hippie:
58. Recycle cans, bottles, junk mail, etc.
59. Use the 5 reusable grocery bags I have - keep them in the car if that's what I have to do to remember
60. Shop at Trader Joes once a month
61. Try to buy only organic meats
62. Attempt some kind of garden
63. Make my own baby food when that time comes
64. Plant flowers in flower bed this spring

65. Lose 50lbs (0/50)
66. Work out at least 4 times a week CONSISTANTLY
67. Watch what I eat. Cut back on sweets
68. Start Weight Watchers online again
69. Dentist
70. Have wisdom teeth removed
71. Have cyst removed
72. See an Endo
73. See an ear, nose and throat doctor


74. Get pregnant...again.
75. Find a new OB
76. Weight gain - no more than 20-25lbs max
77. Learn more about breastfeeding. Try super hard once baby comes. Don't give up!
78. Learn more about vaccinations
79. Maternity photos if I'm not too fat
80. Newborn photos
81. babyproof the house
82. Baby/childproof the backyard - Need a new pool fence
83. Have a happy and healthy baby preferably in 2010!


84. Work from home completed 1/15/10
85. Change work schedule to days
86. Swim once a week this summer
87. Do something with my wedding dress
88. TTD or Budiour photos
89. Buy a better camera
90. Get a reading from a physic
91. Stop cursing for a week straight
92. Order new drivers license for both Husband and Me Completed 1/13/10
93. Pay off car loan
94. Keep car clean
95. Get a tune-up
96. Take a dance class
97. Take a sewing class
98. Back up stuff on computer (photos, etc)
99. Visit a city in AZ I've never been before
100. Earn my black belt
101. New 101 list!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

5 Question Friday (on a Saturday)

Stole from Jenni. Tried to link you, but it didn't let me, sorry. :) You can find her over there ----> on my friends list.

1. What's your "comfort food"?
Mexican food or a big breakfast - Biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon. Yum!

2. Do you send Thank You's (handwritten or email)?
Only for things like weddings, bridal showers, etc. and those were handwritten. If it's just a regular gift I thank in person.

3. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?
I don't watch many shows... mostly reality, and I wouldn't really want to be on a reality show. I'm too boring. I'd be that girl on the Real World that they never video tape and all I do is talk on the phone with my boyfriend the whole time. haha But, I would say Vampire Diaries mmmmhmmm hello to both Stephan and Damon. Or Chelsea Lately if that counts. Non stop laughing there.

4. What is your favorite online recipe site?

5. If you had to choose: "Friends" or "Seinfeld"?
FRIENDS for sure. Never liked Seinfeld.