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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

101 in 1001

Okay, okay. I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Figured I'd do something positive. :) Oh and Jaye, Jenni, Jamie(wow J's haha), Mya, Stacey, Patty, and Lisa - You can all use me to mark off your goal to inspire someone to make a 101 list, cause you all inspired me. I used all of your lists as examples

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days? Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Here's my list

Anything bolded means I'm working on i
anything in italics means I've completed it
For The House:
1. Keep the office clean and organized
2. Help Husband with simple chores more often
3. Repaint accent wall in living room
4. Move office into guest room
5. Turn office into nursery
6. Help (or if I'm pregnant, watch) Husband paint the exterior of the home.
7. Rennovate/Remodel master bathroom
8. Renovate/Remodel kitchen
9. Buy stainless steel fridge to match the other appliances
10. Get couch professionally cleaned

For The Doggies:
11. Walk dogs at least twice a week
12. Get Lily into obedience classes
13. Get Gizmo into the vet to get his butt issues checked out
14. Learn to express anal glands (gross, but needs to be done)
15. Buy them new toys once Ryan and big dogs move out
16. Get Gizmo into groomer at least every 60 days
17. Dog park twice a month (weather permitting)

18. Make that scrapbook I bought months ago Completed 2/10
19. Learn to Sew
20. Learn to use sewing patterns
21. Make my friends something crafty (Hair flower/bow, tote bag, etc)

22. Start paying back money I owe family on a monthly basis (when Brian starts working again)
23. Re-do budget
24. Stick to said budget
25. Clip coupons and USE THEM
26. Invest Money
27. Start a 401K
28. Put money back into savings

Things To Do Together:
29. Go on 5 road trips just because (0/5)
30. Go up north just the two of us overnight/weekend (0/5)
31. Buy new bedding COMPLETED 2/6
32. Get a new mattress
33. Get our passports
34. Celebrate Christmas in a different state
35. Take a trip to WA to visit sister-in-law/nieces
36. Go to marriage counseling at least once
37. Go to a comedy club
38. Go camping (0/5)

For Me:
39. See a concert (1/15)
40. Blog once a week
41. Learn to play acoustic guitar
42. Get a brazillion and brow wax once a month
43. Get 2 new tattoos (0/2)
44. Cook 4 meals a week
45. Make a new friend or rekindle a friendship with an old friend
46. Download new music to my iPod COMPLETED 2/11
47. Try 10 new restaurants (1/10)
48. Go to First Fridays (0/5)
49. Keep up Friday Fundays with Melissa
50. Wash my hair twice a week haha
51. Tell Husband how much I love and appreciate him (2/7)
52. GTG with my latte girls and meet their new babies (0/5)
53. Pedicure once a month (finances permitting)
54. Read 10 new books (1/10)
55. Re-read the Twilight Saga before Eclipse comes out
56. Go back to School
57. Get my cosmetology License

Embrace My Inner Hippie:
58. Recycle cans, bottles, junk mail, etc.
59. Use the 5 reusable grocery bags I have - keep them in the car if that's what I have to do to remember
60. Shop at Trader Joes once a month
61. Try to buy only organic meats
62. Attempt some kind of garden
63. Make my own baby food when that time comes
64. Plant flowers in flower bed this spring

65. Lose 50lbs (0/50)
66. Work out at least 4 times a week CONSISTANTLY
67. Watch what I eat. Cut back on sweets
68. Start Weight Watchers online again
69. Dentist
70. Have wisdom teeth removed
71. Have cyst removed
72. See an Endo
73. See an ear, nose and throat doctor


74. Get pregnant...again.
75. Find a new OB
76. Weight gain - no more than 20-25lbs max
77. Learn more about breastfeeding. Try super hard once baby comes. Don't give up!
78. Learn more about vaccinations
79. Maternity photos if I'm not too fat
80. Newborn photos
81. babyproof the house
82. Baby/childproof the backyard - Need a new pool fence
83. Have a happy and healthy baby preferably in 2010!


84. Work from home completed 1/15/10
85. Change work schedule to days
86. Swim once a week this summer
87. Do something with my wedding dress
88. TTD or Budiour photos
89. Buy a better camera
90. Get a reading from a physic
91. Stop cursing for a week straight
92. Order new drivers license for both Husband and Me Completed 1/13/10
93. Pay off car loan
94. Keep car clean
95. Get a tune-up
96. Take a dance class
97. Take a sewing class
98. Back up stuff on computer (photos, etc)
99. Visit a city in AZ I've never been before
100. Earn my black belt
101. New 101 list!


WA Rachi's said...

i <3 you! I so wish we lived closer...i think we would do all kinds of stuff together! I love your craftyness ;)

Jamie said...

Great job!