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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crafts: Sewing - Throw Pillows

As you may have noticed, my #19 goal is to learn to sew. Yeah, I'm working on this. So far I'm decent at sewing pillows. They're easy, and square. haha I took it a step further this weekend and sewed pillow slip covers. I like to change it up, and I hate having to buy new pillow inserts each time, plus when one of the doggies dirties it, it's easier to throw in the wash.

Anyway, there was a Hobby Lobby grand opening by my house (OMG holy awesome-ness of a store!), and I just HAD to check it out. I had no idea Hobby Lobby had everything from crafts to home decor, I thought it was just mainly craft stuff. They had some sales going on too. Unfortunately I bought from the fabric/sewing section and none of that was on sale. :(

So here are my super awesome pillow slips I sewed. I got the instructions from my new favorite craft blog Make It and Love It. HERE is the tutorial for the bows HERE is the tutorial for slip covers.

Note: my pillows are a different size than the tutorials. I used 16x16in pillows. My measurements were the following:

Pillow: 16.5 front side, 21" back side (and then I cut it and hemmed the slip part.
Bows: I did 16.5x4.5" - I didn't do different sized strips because my pillow was more square than rectangle, they were all the same size, but I just sewed one side further than the other if that makes sense.

Oh, by the way, I ran out of the brown polka dotted fabric, so one pillow only has one bow. I think it's still cute. And of course Lily wanted to model it for you all.

So whattya think? Yay? Nay? Cute? Or should I give up on the sewing while I'm ahead. ;P


Patty said...

Ooohhhh, very cute!

Stacey @ Say Something Stacey said...

I love Hobby Lobby, they have great seasonal decor too and always have something on sale!

The pillows look great, I like that one has 2 bows and the other has 1, makes them less matchy matchy.

WA Rachi's said...

Your MIL and i think they are SUPER CUTE! We are sewing here also...come on up ;).