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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Completed Another Goal

#84. Work from home!!

This is something I've been working on for quite a while. I'm very lucky that my work offers this for us. It took me two years to get here, but here I am working from my very own HOME! Yaaaay! It's so great. It'll be so much better. With my crappy hours still in effect (I work Sunday - Thursday 1-10PM), I find it very hard to get everything that needs to be done before noon. I'll have an extra hour to get to the gym, and run my errands in the morning. I'll be able to COOK DINNER which is awesome. I've gained about 20lbs working here due to the fact that I'm unable to cook dinner and/or find the time in the mornings to work out. It's either or, and half the time I was lazy and didn't get to either. So this way I'll actually be able to have a full hour to prepare and eat dinner. I'll also get to spend a little more time with the Husband too. Meaning, a full hour for dinner instead of the 15 minutes at my lunch(dinner) break that I usually see him.

Anyway, I'm super happy and excited. I worked my ass off to get here. :)


Lisa said...

Thats awesome! Glad you finally got to this point!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Congrats! Working from home is sooo much easier!