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Monday, September 1, 2008

The weekend is over. :(

We're back from a very productive weekend. Hope everyone got some relaxation in, we sure didn't. Our weekend was very busy.

Friday was really uneventful. I was so incredibly board and going stir crazy while the hubs watched the most boring sport ever invented... baseball. Sorry people. Hate watching baseball. I complained all night until we got a pretty rad monsoon. I believe it was the same monsoon the east valley got the night before. It was all sorts of crazy! The hubs and I sat outside on the back porch and watched the scary lightening and the rain.
Some very blury pictures from my phone. I am the furthest thing from a photographer so let me make that disclaimer if I haven't already:

Saturday as posted below... We went all the way out to IKEA, then to AZ Mills, then Target, then Home Depot, and finally home to get started on our master bedroom. The only room in the house that hadn't been touched yet (well, besides the kitchen, but that'll be another day).

(when we first moved in and removed the blue carpet).

(carpet being installed)

My inspiration picture from Desire To Inspire:

And here's our after... The color is WAY brighter than the picture above. Didn't quite turn out right, but I don't hate it. We will probably end up repainting it, but it'll have to stay for a little bit. So without any further ado, here are the afters:

That's right. we got mirrored closet doors. Bow chica bow wow! Kidding. Will be replaced... someday.

We also installed our trim on the floors:

And here are our afters of the guest bathroom since I didn't get a picture of it before:


So tell me what you think about the bedroom. Does the paint definitely need to be lighter? Any ideas for accessories? I want to get a monogram from Esty for above the bed, but hubs says he doesn't like them. I also made those canvases hanging over the bed today. I'm going to do them over... I used a canvas and scrapbook paper, but I think I'll need to use either fabric or wrapping/wall paper. It of course didn't turn out right, like everything else I do. I'm a beginner so give me some slack. :/

I want your opinions!

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WA Rachi's said...

OK sister! I need your help! How did you get the pics where you want them and i love your page layout! HELP ME!!!