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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall is coming!

Ahhh, my favorite time of year. So much good stuff comes in fall. First we get our relief of the scortching hot weather (although I'm bummed I didn't get a better tan going), then comes October. My favorite month of the year. We have my birthday, our anniversary (1 year already?!), and my most favorite day of the year.... Halloween!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! It's so fun! The decorations, the haunted houses, dressing up (yes, I still do), cute kids trick-or-treating... It's all just so festive! Love it! Hey, did I tell you that I love Halloween? Guess what? I love Halloween!! hahaha

I went to Michaels yesterday to check out the Labor Day sales and to get stuff for my failed attempt at wall art. They had they're fall/Halloween display. So much cool stuff! My favorite was the life sized headless bride and groom. I am like a kid when it comes to this. I'm definitely going all out this year with decorations. Can't wait!

There are a ton of fun Halloween projects and crafts at Better Home & Gardens I definitely want to try crafting up this wreath. How cute!


Lisa said...

I know I cant beleive we both have been married ONE year next month...where has the time gone??

Jamie said...

Very cute! I love Halloween decor.

WA Rachi's said...

Oh Amber the crafting we could do if we lived closer!!!!!