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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm going to attempt to do this every weekend. Even though I still haven't talked about our housewarming party that happened LAST weekend, yet. I will will get to that. Need to upload the 3 whole pictures that I took of the night. I need to get better about taking pictures. Sorry!

Anyway, my weekend starts Friday. Friday I got up and went to Tae Kwon Do, as I do every Friday. Then I came home, and relaxed a bit. Played on the computer, worked on my business a bit, and cleaned the kitchen. Hubs left work a little early to go to the lake with some co-workers for wake boarding. That was fine, because I had plans to go out with my friends as well.

Friday night I went with my friends Melissa and Jenna to see the band Tiger Army play! They were amazing, and we had a lot of fun. I ran into one of my best friends who apparently didn't get my voicemail earlier that I was going to the show, so that was cool.

Saturday, Brian and I slept in, and went to the bank to open a CD, then went to lunch, came home, and vegged out and watched TV. A very lazy day. Then we went to watch Travis and Sam's band Reason Unknown play. They were good, but i felt like i was 16. They played at some random warehouse where they have bands play for teenagers to watch. Let me tell you, that we won't go do that again. After they played, we went and hung out at Sam & Jenna's for a bit. A very chill night.

Now it's Sunday and I'm back at work. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Lisa Pobuda said...

hah i had no idea tiger army was still playing... i went to HS with those guys