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Thursday, September 4, 2008

He Loves...

Apparently we've been tagged. And when I say we, I of course mean all us newlyweds out there. We've been tagged by Newlywedims by Brynn to tell what your husband loves.

My husband loves...

Snowboarding - He's really good at it and looks sexy doing it! He used to love to skateboard too, but he's "too old and uncoordinated" now. I for one, hate snowboarding. I just can't do it. He doesn't even attempt to take me with him anymore, and I don't even attempt to go. The first time he ever took me was up to Lake Tahoe. I'm thinking, "this won't be hard, I can totally do this!" Um... yeah. He takes me to the biggest mountain says, "okay girlfriend just stay on your heals. Ready? Let's go!" We ride up the "bunny slopes" which was not a bunny slope at all at that mountain, and we get off the ski lift and I make it off that in one piece, but then right as we get off there's this huge turn and a cliff. I am scared to death cause I cannot control this snowboard. I kept making myself fall because I was so afraid. It took me an hour to get about 1/4 mile. I finally start crying because I'm so scared and say, "fuck this! I give up! You go ahead I'll meet you down there." And of course he wouldn't just leave me on top of a mountain. But I insisted. We did have walky talkies afterall. So he finally just rode down himself and waited for me to WALK down the mountain.

The colors grey and black. It's seriously all his wardrobe conisists of.

Tools. He's a carpenter. Need I say more?

Mashed potatoes. He could eat these all day every day. Especially MY garlic mashed potatoes. It's why he loves me.

Gizmo even though he probably won't admit just how much he does love him.

And me of course!