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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Valentine's Day: Part Dos

I know, I'm a slacker... This is not new news.

Anywho, we celebrated our V-Day, Saturday the 13th, since Valentine's fell on a Sunday and I work Sundays. We had planned having a day trip up north to play in the snow. Husband asked me the previous night what time I wanted to leave and of course i tell him, not too early. Maybe around 10-ish. Which in reality means I'll be waking up around 10-ish. He says he needed to go to his mom's to help her with something around 8AM.

He lied.

I woke up (around 9-ish, actually) to a weird sound. It sounded like it was raining. Maybe it was because I was half asleep, because it was actually cooking bacon. I call for Husband and he ignores me at first. So I call him in the bedroom again, and he comes in and I ask if it's raining. He says no and I'm not allowed to be awake yet. Okay, I'll lay in bed a little more, no problemo there. I get up a few minutes later and he's actually making me breakfast. He had the table set and got me some roses that he put in a vase all by himself. It was so cute and unexpected. Husband is really not a romancer at all, so when he does things like this it really catches me by surprise.

A photo of the roses

After breakfast we headed up north. We went towards Flagstaff. By Morman Lake, where the Husband camps. Here are the pictures of our fun in the snow.

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Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Awww too cute. I love the dogs in the looks like you two had a great time!