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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crafts: Hair Flower/Bow Holder Thing-a-ma-jigger

I was at Hissyfits this weekend with my Latte girls and saw this cute Hair Flower/Bow Holder thingy. I said, "oooh! This is cute!" Then I looked at it again and said, "oooh! I can make this!" It's made with a picture frame, fabric, and ribbon, and I had these old dingy picture frames in my closet, so I figured I'd try to make one. Granted, it would be cuter with a cuter frame, but it does the trick. But I have this super cute sugar skull fabric left over from a tote bag FAIL. Plus I needed something better to hang my flowers on. Here's what I was using before:

Pretty sad, huh?

And here it is in action!


PeasOut said...


Good job lady!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

That looks really cool! I wish I actually did my hair and had cute things to hang from it lol

MissFoxxy said...

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!! me likey