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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to check off some goals

2. Help Husband with simple chores more often - completed 3/22

I'm definitely checking this off my list. Since I've been working from home I've definitely been helping with keeping the house clean. Actually, I feel like all I ever do is clean the god damn kitchen.

17. Dog park twice a month (weather permitting) completed 3/22

I've actually been trying to take them every Saturday and have been taking them at LEAST twice a month. I love grabbing a Starbucks and hanging out at the dog park. It's starting to warm up though and they can't really handle the heat very well, so our time at the dog park may be coming to an end soon. Oh well, then we have the pool!

29. Go on 5 road trips just because (1/5)

I'm counting our Valentine's Day up north in the snow as a road trip.

52. GTG with my latte girls and meet their new babies (2/5)

Chelsea's baby shower and Sauce GTG. Fun! Love Lisa's little one and Wyatt is just the cutest thing on the earth.

54. Read 10 new books (8/10)

I've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I'm on All Together Dead, the 7th one (I think). I love them. This one is a little boring and is taking me a little longer to get through, though. And I am a little disappointed at the lack of romance/smut. I thought it would have a little more romance in it. But other than that, I do love them. Up next, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang!

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