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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lily Update

Lily Monster AKA, Lilian, AKA Lily Long Legs has grown so much! I haven't weighed her lately, but I'm thinking she's between 10-12lbs now. She's about 6 months old. She's a fast learner. Both in a good and a bad way. Good: She's completely potty trained (she has been for months. It really didn't take her long at all), crate trained, She's learned to let mommy sleep and be still until it's time to wake up. Yes she sleeps in bed with us. They both do, so sue me. She sleeps under the covers, curled up next to our legs.
Bad: She's learned that she can reach the top of the coffee table. We had these cork coasters and she ate all 4 of them. One by one. Chewed into a million little peices. One day I was eating a sandwich. I set it down on the coffee table, went to the kitchen to get a drink, I look up. What do I see? Lily running out the back door with my sandwich! She likes to take things out to the backyard. That's her spot. I find shoes, clothing, all her toys, etc back there. Let's see... oh. her new thing is that she's learned she can jump off the bed. So now at 8 o'clock in the morning she jumps right out of bed. Then I have to get up and let her out, and make sure she doesn't ruin anything because I don't trust her. Grrr. I thought we just learned how to let mommy sleep?
Yesterday the hubs came home to a wrecked bathroom. Apparently she broke out of her cage(crate) like a wild animal! He said that she had jumped up and tore the towels down, peed on them, peed on Gizmo's bed, spilt the water bowel, and tore the toilet paper to shreds. Nice. I laughed. I wish he would've gotten a picture. I think she planned this. Because she had chewed the clips to her crate. You know, the parts that hold the top and the bottom of the crate together? Yeah... And then she was able to bust out and go wild. Lily Gone Wild.

Anyway, my camera is still broken but here is a horrible camera phone picture to show how much she's grown.

Here they are on a walk last week. She's a little taller than Giz now.

And this is her about a week after we first got her. This was the first time Gizmo wanted anything to do with her.


WA Rachi's said...

So cute!

Heidi said...

Enjoy these moments. Those Bostons like to grow up quickly!!!