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Friday, February 20, 2009

Coming Soon...

I'll be back in action real soon. Not that I haven't posted at all, but I have a lot of house stuff to share. We've done quite a bit of D&R stuff around the house lately, and I'm dying to get pictures. But remember how I said my camera is broken? Well, I finally took it to see the Geek Squad at Best Buy and it is actually still under warranty! They have it now and will either fix it or replace it. We'll see... So stay tuned cause I have lots of stuff to share soon.


- almost finished the laundry room. It looks so good! I just need to get that other stripe painted.
- hung plants on the front porch
- we removed the big ugly basketball hoop
- this weekend i'm re-doing my master bedroom. The hubs will be out of town having fun at the dunes, so I figured I'll re-do that horrible fail of a room that was totally my fault. I Found an awesome chocolate brown and green damask comfortor for SUPER cheap at Big Lots today, and decided to play it safe with Behr's Classic Taupe on the walls. I think it will be a BIG improvement. I was going to surprise the hubs, but then I remembered I need someone to move the furniture... oops.

Here's that big fat FAIL. Too bright. Horrible color. Just didn't turn out as I saw it in my head:


I can't wait to share it all with you...

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