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Friday, February 27, 2009


I don't really post about fashion on this blog. Main reason is because I'm poor and can't afford to shop. I know, it's so sad. Last clothes I got were hand-me-downs from a friend. ::tear:: And I don't really like to look online just to look either because it makes me even more sad that I can't buy things. However, I got that friendly little email from Alloy like I always do, and couldn't help but open it, just to take a peak.

I clicked on shoes, and I'm currently sitting here drooling over these...

Now, I'm not a fan of the gladiator look. I know it's really trendy right now, but I really dislike it. I feel like it looks like Jesus's sandles. But I saw these and I'm loving them!

Then I decided to mosey on down to Forever 21's website to torture myself even more. I love their "Shop By Outfit" section. It's fun to see outfits put together... here are some of the looks I'm loving

So I'm too fat to wear this, but if I was skinny I would totally rock this for a girls night out or Vegas or something.

This is just too cute

I would totally rock this shirt. Probably with some skinny jeans instead of that little skirt. I still like the 80's look.

I really want to buy them all, but I won't. Instead I'll just dream about them. Pity Party for one please! :(

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