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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well our Valentine's Day has been fun so far. We woke up early and drove all the way to BFE to our accountant's house to do our taxes. We owe. But thanks to the first time homebuyers tax credit that we took, it came out of that, so we don't actually have to come up with it out of pocket, plus we still get some back to remodel the kitchen and put into savings.

Anywho, after seeing our tax dude, we grabbed lunch and picked up the dogs. Then we took them to the dog park. That was fun. Lily made a friend with a little puppy Westie. They were so cute.

Now the hubs and the dogs are napping. We're going to do the movie and dinner thing tonight. Nothing too exciting. No gifts here either. Valentine's Day isn't a big holiday in our house.

But I do want to share some of my favorite love songs with you all. I've added it there to the side. Enjoy!



WA Rachi's said...

Hey...I love your new layout! BUT, it is hard to read your writing since it shows up in white! PS when are you 2 gonna visit? How about 4th of July!

Heidi said...

A belated Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lily is gorgeous!!!