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Monday, August 25, 2008

What I love about being a homeowner!

You know what I absolutely love about our new house? Well, let me tell you!

*Having our very own mailbox! At the old place we had to share with the whole neighborhood, which wasn't bad, and not that far (just across the street). But now it's right in our yard and not only that, but if I need to send something out in the mail, I no longer have to drive to the nearest Circle K or post office mail drop box, I can just walk to MY mailbox and flip the little red flag up! I LOVE that!

* A Laundry ROOM instead of the washer/dryer in the scortching hot garage.
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* Our pool, duh! I'm so glad we made this a "must have" when house hunting!

* The bigger yard. Now if only I could get Gizzy to go potty in the grass and not the porch. Yeah, I'm working on that. Today he had to go so bad that he came and yelled (okay, barked) at me in the other room and went flying to the back door, slid on the wood slamming into the door. That was pretty funny. I went out there with him to try to make him go to the grass. He got 1/2 way there. Walked down the little sidewalk over by the shed and pooped. Ugh. At least it wasn't on the porch.

* Our neighbors. I haven't really met any. Just one who came over and introduced himself with his adorable little boy, the first day we were renovating. The hubs chats with the next door neighbor on a regular basis though. They're a cute young family. Much better than the loud partying teenagers that lived nextdoor on one side, and the poeple who would park their car right outside my garage at the rental.

* Hub's favorite - a driveway! The old rental was a patio home, and we did not have a driveway. We had a garage, but his truck is too long to fit, so he would always have to park on the street.

What I don't like?
Hmmm.. other than the increased expenses, and not having a garage door opener yet(needs a new battery), Nothing!

That's all.

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