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Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Purchases

Yesterday we decided to hit up Mor Furniture for some more furniture. hehe. Kidding. But we really needed a new coffee table and side table. Our light wood/glass ones from Ikea aren't cutting it anymore.

Here's what we got. All of these are in a Dark Chocolate so they are darker than the pictures from the website. Almost black.

New coffee table

New side table

And new sofa table to go in the entry way...

And I wanted to buy this (this is from Target's website, they didn't have it on the More Furniture website, but it's basically the same thing), but the hubs took a look at the price tag ($200 a piece. I want two), and said no way. He said "I can make this!" So I'm putting him to the test. He will make me two of them. If they don't turn out right, we'll buy the Target ones, since they're only $59 (glad I didn't buy the $200 ones).

On another note. Hubs and his best friend are out working on the pool. Hopefully by next weekend it'll be nice and swimmable!

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