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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

House Pics: Semi-after

It's been a while since I've posted. Especially since I've posted anything house related. I've been busy and I've been waiting to finish a few things and get our new furniture before posting pics.

Unfortunately, at work I don't have access to the before photos, but if you go here you can view a few....

So, I give to you our semi-after pics!

Angle #1 of living room: We still need a rug and few other decorations.

Living room, angle #2 - we also need to replace the ceiling fan and entry way light fixture.

Living room angle #3. I really want to get some book cases two go on each side of the tv.

Entry way - My decorating skills are definitely not up to par. I need to go shopping.

Up close of the picture on the wall. I love what it says.

Dining Room - still need to get the siding for the step and a new chandelier.

Office - I am deciding if I like the color. It's a grey/blue, but it's looking more on the blue side. I was wanting it to be more grey.

Dining Room table - Love it!

Pool - we will eventually replaster the pool, and add a deck. Better landscaping, etc.


Jamie said...

Looks really good. LOVE the hard wood floors!

Mrs. Designher said...

OH MY GOSH it looks AMAZINGGGGGG!! AMAZING!! I can't wait to see it in person ... ahhh hheeemm!!

Lisa said...

Looks great!! Love the floors!

Michelle said...

Hardwood floors look so pretty! I love it! I think your decorating skills are pretty good. It's turning out great!