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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Update

How far along? 16wks tomorrow

Total Weight Gain? up three. So if you count the two I lost, does that mean I really only gained one? Yeah I think I'm going to look at it that way. :/

Maternity Clothes? I'm in maternity pants full time now, maternity shirts are still too big.

Stretch Marks? no new ones

Sleep? still the same. waking up about 3 times to pee. Other than that, it's fine.

Best Moment This Week? It's been really uneventful for the past couple weeks.

Movement? I thought I felt flutters around 14 weeks, but I'm sure it was just gas. I haven't felt it again, so... yeah.

Food Cravings? not anything in paticular.

Gender? T minue 9 days till we find out!

Labor signs? no effing thank you!

Belly Button? Innie

What I Miss? Beer

What I Am Looking Forward To? July 20th!! That's when we find out the sex. I literally cannot wait. I may die of anxiety by then. <--- this!

Weekly Wisdom? ......?

Milestones? Like I said, it's been very uneventful. I am at that stage where I don't really feel pregnant anymore cause I feel much better, have energy back, but am not far along enough to feel kicks or anything like that. It makes me paranoid.

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