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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a GIRL!

Not that anyone besides people I know (and already know this news) reads this blog or anything...

But we're so extremely excited! Husband didn't care either way, but I was dying for a girl!

Everything looks great though. She took a bunch of measurements, but said it was too early to measure facial features(? she said something about measuring lips? I don't know I kinda stopped paying attention to what she was saying after she said the word "girl".) and the heart too, but all four chambers are there, which is obviously good. And SHE is measuring right on time for our 12/27 due date! I go back in two weeks to measure HER all up again, which is awesome cause going a whole 4 weeks without seeing or hearing my baby was excruciating. I even went and bought an at home doppler to give me a peace of mind.

We had a different ultrasound tech this time. We usually get this dude Don, who is awesome. He really gets great pics for us every time and zooms in good so you can really see. This lady did a good job, but i'm used to Don's thoroughness. And the pics suck. YOu can't really see HER very well and you can't really make out her little genitals. I'll get the pic up soon anyway though. :)

1 comment:

Jenni said...

So excited for you..
Can not wait to meet Lil Miss C
She is going to be so cute.. =)