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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I need to mark some stuff off my 101 list

I haven't really even glanced at my 101 list in a while, but looking at it, I can definitely mark some stuff as completed!

For the pups:
11. Walk dogs at least twice a week - completed. I should've notated on this that this is when weather is permitting. My dogs don't take the 115 degree weather kindly, so walks are out in the summer. We go swimming instead.

13. Get Gizmo into the vet to get his butt issues checked out - checking this off as completed. I had a feeling that these nasty oily rusted metal and poop smelling farts were due to fact that the groomers were not expressing his butt glands and I was right. The old groomer sold their business to a friend (they decided they wanted to do mobile grooming only), and the first time I took him in with the new owners I asked them to make sure to express his anal glands because I didn't think they were doing it previously. She confirmed that I was right. Apparently I wasn't the only one complaining about this. Ever since they took over, I haven't had any problems.

14. Learn to express anal glands (gross, but needs to be done) I guess this isn't really completed because I didn't actually learn how (tried, but I couldn't figure it out). But now that it's being done (see above) I don't need to know.

For Moi:
42. Get a brazillion and brow wax once a month I'm good at keeping up with this. It's the one thing I do for myself. Every 4 weeks I go to get tortured. And it really does hurt more when you're pregnant, by the way.

44. Cook 4 meals a week Definitely completed

47. Try 10 new restaurants (2/10) I'm sure there has been more, but I really just cannot think of where else I've been. I did go to Arcadia Tavern, a bar and grill. It was pretty good! I had a hummus appetizer and grilled buffalo chicken sandwich with sweet potato french fries. It was actually really good.

48. Go to First Fridays (2/5) I'm pretty sure I've been to at least two First Fridays since I've made this list.

58. Recycle cans, bottles, junk mail, etc. Completed. We bought a second trash can to put all of our recyclables in.

71. Have cyst removed Completed. I didn't have it removed, but it went away. Hopefully it doesn't come back.

75. Find a new OB Completed back in April. I am seeing the other doctor in my old doctor's office. Brave, I know. But I LOVE him! He rocks!

85. Change work schedule to days Completed! I'm so excited about this! I just got the okay from my boss!! Wooo hoo! I'll be working 9-6 now, instead of 1-10PM. So awesome.

99. Visit a city in AZ I've never been before Completed on Memorial Day! We went to Tombstone and it was sooo much fun. I loved it!

So there you have it. When will I update next? Who knows...

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