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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tombstone, AZ

Back on Memorial Day weekend we took a day trip up to Tombstone. I really didn't know much about the history there. I've heard the name Wyatt Earp before, but didn't know much else. I actually thought it was more of a theme park, and not a real place with real history right here in AZ.

We started off at the Boothill Graveyard, which again, I thought was fake. Apparently it's completely real, buried with cowboys from the 1800's. Who knew? Not me.

You got a little pamplet telling you how each person died. It was really quite amusing how many people were just shot on the street or in the bar because they were drunk and got in an argument over a poker game.

The cowboys that were killed in the OK Corral shoot off.

And to show you the level of my maturity ::giggles::

Then we headed to the streets of Tombstone.

The Birdcage Theater. By far my favorite part of Tombstone, which is highly haunted by the way. I really wanted to go on the haunted tour, but we weren't planning on staying that late. Next time.

The Birdcages...

Just a few of the gunshots in the ceiling.

These old burlesque photos were everywhere. I loved them

Brothel rooms where the ladies "entertained".

See the face in the mirror? It's supposed to be a ghost but I think it's totally fake. Because it shows up in the picture every time on everyone's camera.

Super rad old hearse.

The OK Corral

And so much more. It was pretty awesome. We also went on the underground mine tour which was cool, but I don't have good photos of that. It was a good trip and something I'd like to do again someday.

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Anonymous said...

hi guys, when we come down January to meet my new grand daughter. Debbie and me are going to Tombstone for a visit. love ya.