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Monday, December 17, 2012


So, yeah... my baby girl... not a baby anymore. Someone hold me! :(

Where do I even start? She's grown SO much these past few months. She's such a little lady! Girl all the way. She loves everything girl. From playing dress up and in Mommy's makeup, to baby dolls and high heels.

Talking. Oh my gosh, it never stops! She's such a chatterbox. She's talking in short sentances pretty much all the time now. Sometimes she gets stuck and can't find the words so will babble and stutter until she finds the right words. I'm trying to keep track. Her current favorite is "I don't yike it (or I don't like/want ____ fill in the blank)". She tells me what she's doing, like "Mommy, I climb the ladder." Or asks me for things. "Mommy? I have milk? Peeeeease?" or "I have vitamin? A red one?" She also loves to greet people. Saying hi of course, and "How are you?" and "What's up?" and also "See you later/next time!" When she's looking for something and can't find it she likes to say "I can't see it!" For example, here's a conversation we had last week:

 "Mommy! Mommy!"
 Me: "yeah baby?"
Cailin: "I can't find B"
Me: "No? I bet it's in here somewhere."
Cailin: "yeah."

Yesterday she told Gizmo to "Go to your room.... NOW!" haha!

Her imagination is running wild. She loves to play pretend. She likes to pretend to eat things, etc.

Tantrums. Oh my GOD! I swear she woke up yesterday and turned terrible! I swear if I hear "No, I don't like it" one more time I'm going to go insane. I know, I know, It's only going to get worse. Blech! This is the part of parenting that sucks. I am so not a good discipliner.

She's turning into such a beautiful, funny, smart and SASSY little girl. And with that, I leave you with a sneak peek of her two year photos, curtosey of LSoucy Photography.

six months, 1 year, two years.

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