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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas started on Friday for us. We had Christmas with my mom and siblings at my house. I left a little early for work, and my mom came over to clean my house (that alone was worth it!). We had dinner and opened presents, and best of all, got to snuggle my new baby nephew.

Then Sunday my sister in law's sister in law (got that?) was in town, and we went to their church Christmas Service. And guess what? I did not burst into flames, nor did I sweat profusely. I actually really enjoyed it to be honest. What's not to like about live music, and Xmas music at that? Cailin loved it as well (she's just like her momma, a sucker for live music), and only got a little antsy towards the end. She did really well! Afterwards we went back to my SIL's house for dinner, smores and carolers. We didn't stay long enough for the carolers, it was getting late and Cailin started melting.

Monday I had to work, but only a half day. I woke up feeling like I was getting sick, but refused to admit it. After work I got a mani and pedi, came home and relaxed a bit since I felt like crap, and then we went to our annual Xmas Eve party  at Brian's Aunt's. We stayed later than we have in a few years. Opened presents and played Bingo. It was a great time.

 Getting sleepy.

Getting grumpy!

Then Tuesday (Christmas Day) we woke up early. And going to bed late plus waking up early the next day was not ok with Cailin. She was so grumpy. We checked to see what Santa had brought Cai, opened our presents here, and then were off to SIL's again to meet up with the in laws for breakfast and more presents.

 Santa brought Cailin a play kitchen!
 Told ya. Gump-a-lump!
After a big breakfast, and some time with the inlaws, we came home for a nap. We didn't have anywhere else to be until dinner time at my dad's, so we came home and relaxed for a bit. Cailin took a four hour nap! Over all we had a fantastic (and exhausting) Christmas! Between her bday and Christmas, Cailin now has more baby dolls and play food than we can handle. She loves her play kitchen, Baby Alive, and Peppa Pig dollhouse the best. I got a DVD player for the car, lots of gift cards, etc. It's funny, when you become a parent, you ask for things that are really for your kid, and you enjoy watching them get new things than getting presents yourself. I love seeing the excitement and joy in her face. Best present ever!
I hope everyone had a wonderfun Xmas and a happy and safe New Year as well. I'm now dealing with Strep Throat, and will have a laid back New Years, but that's okay, I prefer it that way (without being sick of course).

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