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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not so Wordless Wednesday: More Birthday Fun

I took Friday and Monday off of work to spend with my birthday princess. We started the weekend out at the mall. "Uncle D" (my brother) sent us a Build A Bear gift card, so we started there. Then we went on the little merry go round, played in the play area, and even rode the mall train. Spoiled I tell ya!

Build A Bear! Of course we got the Boston Terrier. She saw it and said "Wee Wee" (this is how she says Lily), so I knew we had to get it.

Choo Choo! She was so cute. We've been on this once before. She asked the train driver, "Ticket, pease?" 

And then she woke up Sunday two. OMG. I swear, she woke up the day she turned two and has been terrible since! This pretty much sums it up. We woke up and went to breakfast. She was a brat there... Then we had told her that we were going to play at a bouncy house. She kept asking for a bouncy castle, she was so excited. We went to Jumpstreet and she was not having it! She didn't want to jump on the trampolines, okay I get that. It could be a  bit scary, but she loves bouncy houses. Yet she would NOT go in! Grrrr. So we left.

We went home and opened presents from Mommy and Daddy. Her favorite is this Peppa Pig dollhouse. She loves it, go me!

Monday we ran some errands and played with her new toys.

Running around the house in her tent. Silly goose!

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