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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Still Pregnant...

So it's Wednesday and I'm still home, and I'm still pregnant. I guess all those ladies going into labor naturally are a priority. Well poo on them. Just kidding. I've been bumped 2 days now, due to no room, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tonight is the night. They said I'm on top of the list for tonight. So I'm really hoping. My maternity leave is now just wasting away...

Anyway, since I have some time, I figured I'd share the final nursery photos! We got a new camera this past weekend on an emergency basis since my camera decided to take a shit last week. There was NO way I was going to have my baby without a camera. It's kinda important. Anyway, we decided on the Canon Powershot SD1300 IS. So far I absolutely LOVE it!

Here are the final nursery photos... now keep in mind that we do still need to find curtains, which I am working on. We're going to go with a white curtain and then I'll probably make some cute little ties... I went shopping at a few different places last weekend but they didn't have the ones I wanted in stock. So we're still missing curtains.

 Closet - right side. There's her basket of hair bows/headbands and lots and LOTS of diapers. I love this dresser we got from IKEA.
 I made the tissue poms. The monogram is from Etsy seller Open Heart Creations. I love it, but wish I would've chosen a darker color for the monogram because you can barely see the "C".
 Husband painted the closet doors. Wish we could afford to replace them, but they look much better than before.
 Okay, I admit it.. I think the monkey is kinda cute.

 Closet - Left side.

I love the mummy piggy bank. These are all gifts from the baby shower.

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Jamie said...

Looks really good! Great job!