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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

37 Weeks

And my last update before she is here!

Had my weekly doctor appointment yesterday. I am 1 full cm dilated although I know that really means nothing, but good to know that things are progressing.  We are keeping the original induction date I talked about way back at the beginning of my 3rd tri, due to my PUPPPs rash.

So this time next we I will have my baby! And I'm sure will be thinking, "okay, now what do I DO with this thing?!" I'll be working on making breastfeeding work for us (which is my #1 goal. Breastfeeding). I'm so excited and a little nervous on how much my life is going to change in less than 1 week!!

We're ready though. We have everything we need for her. Nursery is done (except I am still looking for curtains). I'd post pics but my stupid camera broke! Add that to my to-do list this week. Like I said, we have everything we need for her,  but now I need to get some stuff for us/me. I need to...

* put together my hospital bag (diaper bag is ready though!). I have things I need to buy to get the hospital bag ready.
* I bought 2 nursing bras that I didn't try on and they're a tad too small. So I need to exchange those.
* I need to get some after birth stuff like pads, granny panties, and stool softners.
* I need to cook and freeze some meals. At least enough to get us through the first week or two. And maybe get some stuff to make crock pot meals. I just don't want to be eating out every night. Sending Brian out to get unhealthy food while we're both sleep deprived.
* Oh and go purchase a new camera now. Ugh. What a perfect time for my camera to break, huh? I need one stat! Good thing I'm getting a holiday bonus this week.

Here's a belly picture from Saturday. I'm in the purple. This was my friend's baby shower.She's only 5 weeks behind me!

How far along? 37 wks

Total Weight Gain? 42lbs total. More than I wanted, but at least it'll be under 50. Hoping it's mostly baby and water weight. haha.

Maternity Clothes? yeppers. Barely even fit into those

Stretch Marks? yep. New ones, and new rash on top of them.

Sleep? not great.

Best Moment This Week? getting the good news about having my baby next week.

Movement? Same ol'.

Food Cravings? I was craving Mr. Goodcents subs BAD last week. Mmmm and now it sounds good again.

Gender? GIRL!!!!

Labor signs? I've definitely had some Braxton Hicks and slight cramping, but no real labor signs. I've also had some spotting here and there.

Belly Button? half in half out. Top is out, bottom is in. <--- same.

What I Miss?same stuff as the last week. But now it's actually alittle painful to do some of those everyday things.

What I Am Looking Forward To? next week!!

Milestones? well i'm going to say that she's now considered "full term" at 37wks! And that we are at the END of a pregnancy! I never thought that we would get this far, and I just cannot wait to have her in my arms and know that she's healthy.

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