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Friday, October 15, 2010

Third Trimester Update

Well, I'm a good two weeks into my third trimester! Woopie! She'll be here before I know it! I'm at the end of my 29th week. Finally going to be out of the 20's and into the 30's. It's starting to feel real. Like, OMG I'm going to have a baby in two months! I'm going to be called Mom from now on. Crazy! I'm super excited though. I cannot wait to see my little girl and hold her in my arms.

We had a doctor's appointment this week. She's weighing in a 3lbs 2oz in my 29th week. Doctor said that's in the 75-85 percentile. Yikes! He said that if i go full term she'll be close to 9lbs. As of now, the plan is to induce on December 13/14th (he said come in the evening of the 13th and i should have her the 14th). I'll be 38 weeks that week, so she'll be considered full term.

Now inducing was not my first choice. I would really love to experience the whole going into labor, rushing to the hospital, yelling at my husband to drive faster thing. I'm on the fence about inducing. On one hand I want to listen to my doctor. I trust him, and hell I would be lying if I said having her here before Christmas does not sound super duper appealing. That would be awesome. On the other hand, I've been getting all these opinions that are confusing me to no end. Especially from my femi-nazi mother. But i won't even go there... Nothing is set in stone at this point anyway. We will reevaluate in a month. They'll measure her again and see where she is, and we'll go from there. Either way I'll do what I think is best for me and my baby. I do not have gestational diabetes, however, I do have a glucose intolerance. Basically that means I'm pre-diabetic, which is why she is running big. Kinda like how GD babies are big. So we'll see.

We did the 3D ultrasounds this week as well. Unfortunately girlfriend was not cooperating. She was facing backwards (her face was to my back), and wouldn't turn around. Here's what we got, but she's all squished so it's hard to tell what she really looks like.

How far along? 29 wks

Total Weight Gain? up 27lbs total.

Maternity Clothes? yep

Stretch Marks? the same ones I've had for a while now. No new ones on my tummy. They are getting thicker though and they itch like a bitch!

Sleep? I think I'm near the end of my great sleep. I wake up every 2 hours to pee. Then around the 3AM potty break, Lily needs to potty too, so I let her out, pee, get water, and then let her back in. By that time I'm WIDE awake! Then I lay in bed tossing and turning for 2 to 3 hours. It happens at least twice a week. Moving from side to side is getting harder too.

Best Moment This Week? Seeing my baby girl on the 3D ultrasound, even though we couldn't see her well.

Movement? Same ol. I'm getting less kicks and more just moving around. She's probably getting cramped.

Food Cravings? nothing healthy and everything that's going to make me fatter.

Gender? GIRL!!!!

Labor signs? no effing thank you!

Belly Button? I think it may be on it's way out...

What I Miss? Sex. Not knowing what heartburn is.

What I Am Looking Forward To? my baby shower next Sunday! Getting everything ready (nursery, hospital and diaper bag, etc).

Milestones? Third Trimester!

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