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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Hubs Won a Super Bowl Party!

My husband is bad ASS! He won a Super Bowl party through a local country station, KNIX!

This is how he won it:

Yes, ladies and gentleman. He made that sign! Drew the birds and everything. He's awesome!

Then his co-worker entered them into a contest on the radio station, and they won! Now, I couldn't care less about football or the Super Bowl, but now I want to go. Too bad I have to work. :(


Taryn said...

your husband got tickets to the super bowl and you can't go?!?! OMG I am sos sorry!

Amber and Brian said...

No, he didn't win tickets... The radio station is throwing him a party. :) Trust me, if he won actual tickets, I'd take the day off.