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Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Round Up Part II

The best part about this holiday season was that my sister-in-law and nieces came home for Xmas! They moved out of town about 3 years ago and we don't get to see them much, so it was great being able to spend time with them. Now if only we could get them to move back... Ahem... ;P

Christmas week started off by baking Xmas cookies with SIL and the kids. They came over before I had to go to work. It was a great time.

My cookies. My Santa and Rudolph were pretty awesome, but my snowman came out looking more like the aboninabal(sp?) snowman rather than Frosty...

I cut my niece's hair. Here she is showing off her new hair cut!

Christmas started at MIL's house in the morning. Then after that we made our rounds to my parents' houses. There was some drama with my mom and sisters like usual, but thankfully we survived. We had ham and the Christmas dinner at my mom's and then went to my dad's. The hubs's watched Hellboy 2 with my dad, while my little sis, me, brother and his wife played Guitar Hero. And that was basically our day. Christmas was great!

The baby's gift from us was this pretty little dress.

We got her a dress up set. She put on the little heals and tripped over her nightgown. it was so cute/funny!

Christmas Eve was at Judy's as usual. And was a great time. We'll just say that my husband is a bad influence and gets people way too drunk. :/


SIL and I

SO cute!

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WA Rachi's said...

If we did move home then you would not be able to miss us! It would be normal to see for now keep missing us and COME VISIT US!!!!