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Monday, January 26, 2009

Technical Difficulties

First off, I've been sick. Feels like I've been sick for two months straight. The week before Christmas I got a horrible stomach flu. Then the week of New Years I got a mild cold, then last week I was out all week with an Upper Respitory Infection. I ended up going to the Doctor last week and they prescribed me a Z-Pak, and now I seem to be getting better.

Secondly, my camera is messed up. Grrrr! It was in my purse and when I took it out I noticed it was recording a video (it had turned on and hit the record button) and without thinking i just turned it off. Well, now it won't come back on. When I turn it on, a red screen pops up for just a second and says "Please reset your camera". I don't know how the hell to reset it! This morning I decided to bust out my manual, but it didn't say anything about resetting it, so I called the technical support number which was a waste of my time. They basically told me that they were going to send me a new camera, but it's out of warranty, so I can purchase one for 50% off. I told him no thanks. If I have to purchase a camera, I'm going to get one I like. I hope I don't need to purchase a new one. For the love of God! If it took a complete crap, looks like I'm going to be cameraless for a while. Ugh!! I'm going to take it into Best Buy (where we purchased it) and have their "Geek Squad" take a look at it. Cross your fingers for me!

Not much besides that has been going on. We have been doing some D&R things around the house, but of course i don't have any pictures of that. :( We're working on the laundry room. We have the wainscotting and trim all up, stripes halfway painted. We need to paint the trim/wainscotting and the cabinets that are in there. Hopefully we can finish that this weekend.

I hung some plants on the front porch and they look really cute.

Other than that, it's been really boring. I've just been sick, and dealing with the camera crap.

Hopefully the camera can be saved, and we'll be back in action soon!

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