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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We put up our Xmas decorations this past weekend! Again, just like the Halloween it's not much, but it's something, and it makes me feel good! I think it makes the hubs feel good too, although he won't admit it. He got really excited about putting up the xmas lights. YOu should've seen him! He didn't want to be done! He kept adding more. He liked it.

Like in AZ fashion, putting up Christmas lights in shorts and jeans is a must.
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The doggies are so helpful

Lookin all GQ with his sunglass tan. ;)


And my inside decor:

And last but not least, our Christmas tree. It's a sad little 6ft fake tree, but it's all we got. And you'll notice that the bottom is rather empty. Well when you have 4 animals that love ornaments, it kind of has to be.


Jenni said...

Ambie - your house is so freakin cute!! I love all the decorations.. :0) Good Job!

WA Rachi's said...

Is that my mom's tree skirt? :)

Amber and Brian said...

It is your mom's tree skirt! :)