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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Feck you, Countrywide!

So I haven't posted, I'm horrible at updating this thing. Not a huge blogger...

Anyhooters, We put an offer in on a house. A house that we LOVE. Out of all the houses we have looked at this is the only one that has truley felt like it could be our home. Great neighborhood (where Brian grew up), huge lot, RV gate, pebbletec pool.... everything we're looking for. I don't have a picture(wish I did) because there's only one picture of the outside on the website our realtor sends us of our listings. I suppose I could post that one, but I guess I'm too lazy to go find it.

So last Friday we signed the contract. We thought we were putting a back-offer in on it because there was another offer already waiting for the bank to respond... Well, come to find out, they back out! Yay for us! Apparently the bank didn't accept their offer, but we had hope because our offer was "a little higher".

That was the good news... today we got bad news.... We got this email from our realtor:

Hi Amber,The listing agent is definitely on top of things. Sounds like the bank wants more than the offer. I sent a letter explaining our market with other properties currently for sale, properties that recently sold and properties with trustee sale pending dates (due to go to foreclosure) comparables to the listing agent who forwarded it on to the bank. Hopefully that will help.Let me know if you have any questions.Otherwise I will be in touch when I know more

And she forwarded this email from the listing agent:

Thanks for your help and enthusiasm. It’s refreshing to find an agent who knows how this process works and is willing to help getting this transaction put together. We submitted all the info on your list in our package. We are dealing with the same mitigator as before. So far, the only response we are getting from her is “the offer is too low”. We are working on getting her to give us a counter offer. She told me long ago (when we made the 1st offer) that she would give me a counter offer, but has never followed through with it.Since then, they changed their process and they will not allow us to talk to the mitigator. Again today, the clerk in the work-out dept. is requesting that she give us a counter offer. I also emailed her and asked for the same.I’ll let Mike (my associate) know that you offered to help, he has been dealing with the bank on this transaction. He may give you a call to get you involved.Thx,

This is kind of what I feared, but why are they being assholes about it? Just send us a counter offer and let us think if it's somethign we can afford for Christ's sake!

UGH. Sorry. That was really long, but had to get it off my chest.

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