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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Product Rave

I'm not a huge fan of drug store products when it comes to hair or makeup. Sorry, it's just the hairstylist/makeup artist in me. However, I was reading Bryn's blog ( see links - love this blog ), and she talked about Aussie's DEEEEP conditioner. I found the Deeeep 3 Minute Miracle while I was at Target today and decided to buy it.

Let me tell you I NEED a miracle for my hair right now. It's so dry. Mainly due to recently going blonde and bleaching the crap out of my hair. And the Arizona sun isn't helping. It is a dry heat, and every summer it makes my hair dry.

To my surprise, I liked it! My hair feels soft, not like straw. So if you are coming down with the dry hair syndrome I suggest picking some of this stuff up.

1 comment:

Sugar Lips said...

Oh my gosh! I love this stuff! My hair gets super dry too.